June 27, 2008

My letter to Sam Olens and Robert Quigley regarding Cobb County’s official response to my open records request

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27 June 2008

Mr. Robert Quigley, Director of Communications
Mr. Sam Olens, Chairman – Board of Commissioners
Cobb County Georgia

Re; your June 26 response to my OPEN RECORDS REQUEST of 23 June 2008

Mr. Quigley, Chairman Olens

Thank you for responding to my request in a timely manner.

I am deeply troubled – but not surprised – at your offices’ attempt to redefine your own terms and transparent attempts to obfuscate the issue of Cobb’s clear non-compliance with the letter and spirit of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act regarding public benefits.

I hope to assure you that bringing Cobb into compliance with the law is now of utmost importance here and I regard it as my happy duty as a citizen paying attention. I want to assure you both that having tried my best to quietly inform you and to create as little attention as possible concerning this matter over the last eighteen months, because of your attitude and refusal to show good faith, I will now do all I can to make this as public as possible and pursue the issue to a just conclusion.

Further, I look forward – as do many Cobb and Georgia voters – to hearing your public justification for the Cobb taxpayer funds that will be spent litigating and defending your costly, illegal and indefensible course of action.

Thank you for admitting that you do not have the requested affidavits required by Georgia law. Having been through the process of obtaining a business license in Cobb only last week, I am now quite familiar with your system. You may want to reeducate the clerks in that office to conform to your current policy and position. They are still telling the truth.

I appreciate you informing me of the obvious – the Secretary of State’s office does indeed issue professional licenses – for the state of Georgia. But your response has no connection with my request.

Having been through the various bureaucratic mazes for more than five years created by government officials who try desperately to cover up their own errors, I give your rather humorous attempt a “2” on a 10 scale.

Your contention that “occupational tax certificates” are somehow not licenses to do business in Cobb and pointing me to your own list of what you now call OTCs’ issued is remarkable in that my own recently acquired “Regular License” is included in that list – as are many others. In applying for that license, I was never asked for ID and never offered the required affidavit.

I have my business license proudly displayed in my office.

Oops, ehh?

Thank you,
D.A. King
President, the Dustin Inman Society

Marietta, Ga. 30066