November 26, 2007

We get mail and donations

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To: Mr. King

I am enclosing a $25 donation to support your important work.

A reason not often mentioned in the debate is the population growth of the US and the effect that has on life in this country and the world. With the US consuming a large percentage of world resources and producing more global warming gasses than any other country, it’s very harmful for the US to continue to increase its population. The accusations of racism, etc. can be blunted by simply stopping all immigration. ZPG (zero population growth) in the US should be the goal and immigration accounts for most population growth.

That Mexico has twice the population growth over job growth is a problem they should deal with and not expect the US to solve it by tolerating illegal immigration.

Businesses that say they can’t get along without cheap labor could raise their prices if their competitors couldn’t hire illegal workers either.

Keep up the good work!

J. L.
West Hartford, CT

Meddling Mexican menace president

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Mexican president lashes out at U.S. candidates

Government to finance public relations push to change American opinions

MEXICO CITY – Mexican President Felipe CalderĂłn has forcefully inserted himself into the U.S. presidential campaign, denouncing the candidates for demonizing Mexican immigrants and announcing that the government would finance a public relations campaign aimed at reversing Americans’ negative perceptions.

At a conference Wednesday of the Advisory Council of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, the government’s immigrant assistance agency, Calderón lashed out at the “increasing harassment” and “persecution” of Mexicans in the United States, those there legally as well as illegally.

Read it here…and ask yourself when the Amerucan president will speak up about Mexican meddling in our affairs. Hint: He hasn’t in the entire time he has been in office.

Mexican matricula consular IDs…selling like hotcakes!

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Matricula consular cards: documenting illegal aliens. They are very easy to get! See one of mine here.

Below from the Washington Times

” Earlier this year, an embassy spokesman said that Mexico issued 963,782 cards in 2004, 830,987 in 2005 and 929,702 in 2006″.

A U.S. senator says immigration authorities should be on hand to arrest illegal aliens who show up to get the controversial Matricula Consular cards issued by the Mexican government.

Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican, asked U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to place agents this weekend outside a municipal building in Lafayette, La., where Mexican consular officials had planned to issue the cards, which can be obtained by any Mexican living outside Mexico. Critics say the cards are a magnet for illegal aliens because they convey the trappings of legal status.

“The Mexican government makes it perfectly clear in advertising this that their citizens can get these cards whether they’re here legally or illegally, so in that situation it would be very clear it’s going to attract a significant number of illegals,” Mr. Vitter said, adding that ICE should take action.

Matricula Consular cards are accepted by some banks and state and local governments as valid identification, which critics say allows illegal aliens to blend into American society. Mexican consulates regularly schedule appearances in cities and towns nationwide to issue the cards to Mexican citizens.

Mr. Vitter said ICE should target those events, and said he raised the issue with ICE’s chief, Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Julie L. Myers, in a telephone call. He said she was not very helpful.

“In general, I found the conversation with her pretty frustrating,” he said, adding that she “clearly wasn’t prepared to do anything about it.”

READ it here.

More on your MALDEF education

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Special Report
Anheuser-Busch v. Alito
By Carl F. Horowitz
Published 1/12/2006

The American Spectator

A company the size of Anheuser-Busch, one would think, would orient its philanthropic giving toward organizations supportive of its interests: namely, boosting beer sales and strengthening free enterprise as a whole. MALDEF, to make a long story short, is not such an organization. For nearly 40 years it has waged a ceaseless battle to create what amounts to unofficial Mexican ethnic principalities on U.S. soil, blocking immigration reform, promoting linguistic separatism, and increasing government public-assistance spending on Hispanics. Such wish-list items are not good for any company’s bottom line, never mind Anheuser-Busch’s.

MALDEF, as its name implies, files lawsuits — lots of them. And the last thing the group’s leaders want to see is someone sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court predisposed toward making deportations easier, striking down mandatory bilingual education, or preventing issuance of driver’s licenses as IDs to illegal immigrants — in other words, opposing the sorts of things MALDEF advocates.

READ the entire article here.

November 25, 2007

MALDEF out from under rock in Cobb County Georgia, wants to monitor law enforcement! Marietta Daily Journal readers – including the sheriff – respond

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For those who have not kept up with the far left adventures of MALDEF in my home county and state, you may not know that MALDEF has asked to be on a steering committee appointed by our sheriff to monitor law enforcement activities.

Rather like the fox asking to help guard the hen house.

This request come after our sheriff has begun helping ICE enforce federal immigration laws and illegal aliens arrested for additional crimes being deported.

You can read Marietta Daily Journal news articles on the MALDEF games here and here the MALDEF press release here. Having spoken with the Cobb sheriff recently, I can tell you that he has done exactly what he should do…he has ignored these open borders hustlers.

Americans are learning about MALDEF in Cobb County Georgia! Below are recent letters to the editor from the Marietta Daily Journal. ( Bonus reading: U.S. immigration laws spark anger in Mexico HERE)

Cobb sheriff Neil Warren is the only sheriff in Georgia to have taken advantage of the eleven year-old federal tool that expands local law enforcement’s authority to enforce American immigration laws. It is called”287g”

Here in Cobb County, we are very proud of our sheriff. Contact Sheriff NeilWarren here

The Dustin Inman Society salutes sheriff Warren, his attention to duty and his courage.

Click on headlines to read entire text

Neil Warren/Letter to the Editor:

No plans for roundup 11/25/2007

In response to Monday’s MDJ article “Immigrants to Sheriff: Stop violating our rights,” there are several issues addressed by Elise Shore of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund that need to be clarified



L.L. Stephens/Letter to the Editor:

You’d think we’re the ones in a foreign country 11/25/2007

I want to commend Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren and his deputies and staff for the time, expense and effort they have gone through to get certified with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in dealing with “illegal” immigrants.


Winona Booth/Letter to the Editor:

MALDEF’s real goal to eliminate program 11/25/2007

Local authorities agreed in February to form the committee when they signed a deal with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Latino leaders said.


Lee Albright/Letter to the Editor:

Contractors to blame for illegals problem 11/25/2007

I can only imagine that since the contractors are siding with the illegals in our county and country, that they are the ones that provide them with jobs, housing, etc.


Marianne Harper/Letter to the Editor:

Sheriff should monitor MALDEF

I feel Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren should be on a committee to monitor MALDEF’s activities. It is against the law to aid illegal aliens.


Coy A. Short/Letter to the Editor:

Illegal’s spokesman needs to focus on education 11/21/2007

The Leaders of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, as printed on the front page of Monday’s MDJ, need to do more educating and less criticizing of our fine sheriff, Neil Warren, and his staff.


Jimmie Sue Bristow/Letter to the Editor:

Tired of our country kowtowing to illegals 11/21/2007

I am so very appalled and very sick and tired of the illegal immigrants’ crybaby attitude. It is time for them to wake up and smell the coffee! They are in our country illegally!


November 23, 2007

Mexico: Back Door to Terror from Colonel Ollie North

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Back Door to Terror
From Fox News 2006

Since 9-11-01, Americans living along the U.S.-Mexican border have been warning that our porous frontier is a back door for terrorist entry into this country. Local, state and federal law enforcement officers, overwhelmed by the flow of human traffic across the border, have acknowledged the threat — which has been widely ignored by the mainstream media and “official” Washington.

Last year, in little-noticed congressional testimony, FBI director Robert Mueller, Jr. revealed that, “individuals from countries with known al Qaeda connections have attempted to enter the United States illegally using alien smuggling rings and assuming Hispanic appearances.”

“Somehow, most of this has eluded the crack journalists who purport to write and report “news” for our so-called mainstream media. Even Agence France Presse took notice that Al Qaeda had established a “clandestine travel service,” south of the border, to help move operatives into the United States. Though American pundits have been quick to accuse citizen organizations like the Minutemen of being “vigilantes” or worse, the people with the poison pens have paid scant attention to the realities contained in this report — most of which was already in the public domain.”

I urge you to read the rest…

For anyone who may still have doubts about the agenda of open borders

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Open borders, integrated economy
U.S. would benefit from a policy that allows freer labor migration
By Kevin R. Johnson –
Published 12:00 am PST Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Sacremento Bee

Following is an excerpt from Kevin R. Johnson’s new book, “Opening the Floodgates: Why America Needs to Rethink Its Borders and Immigration Laws.” Johnson is associate dean for academic affairs and Mabie-Apallas Professor of Public Interest Law at the University of California, Davis. AND… and Chicana/o Studies
Faculty Webpage
ImmigrationProf Blog

Time and time again, U.S. immigration law has been well behind global and domestic changes, resulting in numerous laws and incidents that we now regret as a nation. Sadly, the United States is still behind the times. In terms of immigration policy, the nation still lives in a world of kingdoms with moats, walls and barriers, rather than a modern world of mass transportation, the Internet and daily international intercourse.

It is a cliché to say that the globalizing economy and technological improvements in communication and transportation have made the world a smaller place. But it is true. Increased trade, movement and interconnections between nations are much more common now than they have ever been. Many citizens of the modern world have ties to multiple nations. Migrants often have deep ties both to their native countries and to their countries of destination.

To this point, the U.S. immigration laws have responded in rather limited ways to the phenomenon of globalization. Incremental reforms have done little to address the nation’s true immigrations needs. Similarly, the rights of immigrants have tended to expand over time but have done so in fits and starts. After years of consideration, the U.S. government took the cautious step of recognizing dual nationality, which quickly grew in popularity among Mexican nationals living the United States. However, the U.S. immigration laws have failed more generally to respond to the globalizing economy.

Open borders are consistent with the integrating world economy. I have outlined arguments for a far-reaching change in the U.S. immigration laws that would respond to the rapidly changing world in which we live. Open borders would mark a true revolution in current U.S. immigration law and would create an admissions system in which migration more closely approximated demand.

The elimination of exaggerated border controls would offer many benefits to the United States. As part of a globalizing economy, the nation stands to reap economic benefits from freer labor migration. As a matter of economic theory, international trade with Mexico and much of the world, which the United States has eagerly embraced, differs little from labor migration. A utilitarian approach would allow for labor migration and add the benefits of new labor to the national economy.

Importantly, the removal of controls would end the sheer brutality inherent in current immigration enforcement, which results in physical abuse, promotes racial discrimination and relegates certain groups of U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants to second-class status, both inside and outside the United States. Permeable boarders would allow for the admission of immigrants in numbers approximating the demand for immigration and make it unnecessary for many noncitizens seeking entry into the United States to circumvent the law. The immigration laws would not created the need for aggressive enforcement, with its discriminatory impacts and deadly results.

There is more from this far left America hater HERE.

For the pro-American side of this, see here.

The New York Times is pitching amnesty-again…again

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You can read the entire presentation for amnesty-again HERE…courtesy of GALEO.

NYTimes Editorial: The Immigration Wilderness
Found in New York Times
Written by Editorial
Posted on 2007-11-23

November 23, 2007


The nation certainly sounds as if it’s in an angry place on immigration.

A major Senate reform bill collapsed in rancor in June, and every effort to revive innocuous bits of it, like a bill to legalize exemplary high school graduates, has been crushed. Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York hatched a plan to let illegal immigrants earn driver’s licenses — and steamrollered into the Valley of Death. Asked if she supported Mr. Spitzer, Senator Hillary Clinton tied herself in knots looking for the safest answer.

The Republican presidential candidates, meanwhile, are doggedly out-toughing one another — even Rudolph Giuliani, who once defended but now disowns the immigrants who pulled his hard-up city out of a ditch. A freshman Democratic representative, Heath Shuler of North Carolina, has submitted an enforcement bill bristling with border fencing and punishments. Representative Tom Tancredo, Republican of Colorado, for whom restricting immigration is the first, last and only issue, says he will not run again when his term expires next year. I have done all I can, he says, like some weary gunslinger covered in blood and dust.

The natural allies of immigrants have been cowed into mumbling or silent avoidance. The Democrats’ chief strategist, Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, went so far as to declare immigration the latest “third rail of American politics.” This profile in squeamishness was on full display at the Democratic presidential debate last week in Las Vegas, when Wolf Blitzer pressed the candidates for yes-or-no answers on driver’s licenses and Mrs. Clinton, to her great discredit, said no.

This year’s federal failure will not be undone until 2009 at the earliest, while states and local governments will continue doing their own thing, creating a mishmash of immigration policies, most of them harsh and shortsighted. But the wilderness of anger into which Mr. Tancredo helped lead America is not where the country has to be on this vitally important issue, nor where it truly is.


Mrs. Clinton was closer to being right the first time, when she haltingly defended Mr. Spitzer’s reasoning. Fixing immigration is not a yes-or-no question. It’s yes and no. Or if you prefer, no and yes — no to more illegal immigration, to uncontrolled borders and to a flourishing underground economy where employer greed feeds off worker desperation. Yes to extending the blanket of law over the anonymous, undocumented population — through fines and other penalties for breaking the nation’s laws and an orderly path to legal status and citizenship to those who qualify.

These are the ingredients of a realistic approach to a complicated problem. It’s called comprehensive reform, and it rests on the idea that having an undocumented underclass does the country more harm than good. This is not “open-borders amnesty,” a false label stuck on by those who want enforcement and nothing else. It’s tough on the border and on those who sneaked across it. It’s tough but fair to employers who need immigrant workers. It recognizes that American citizens should not have to compete for jobs with a desperate population frightened into accepting rock-bottom wages and working conditions. It makes a serious effort to fix legal immigration by creating an orderly future flow of legal workers.

Americans accept this approach. The National Immigration Forum has compiled nearly two dozen polls from 2007 alone that show Americans consistently favoring a combination of tough enforcement and earned legalization over just enforcement. Elections confirm this. Straight-talking moderates like Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico thrive in the immigration crucible along the southern border. Those who obsess about immigration as single-issue hard-liners, like the Arizonans J. D. Hayworth and Randy Graf, have disappeared, booted by voters. Voters in Virginia this month rejected similar candidates and handed control of the State Senate to Democrats.

We get mail from a Georgia veteran

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Mr. King:
Just wanted to say I read your article in the Cordele Dispatch today regarding Veteran’s Day being over. I could not agree with you more.

I retired two years ago at the age of 59 and moved from Plant City, Florida to Cordele, Georgia. I thought I would have VA health care benefits when I retired. I applied and got a big shock. I had missed the deadline of 2003 for Viet Nam Veterans! I never even knew there was a deadline! Now I got asked all the questions you mentioned and then turned down because I made too much money.

Two years later, I still have had no luck through the VA. Now I am having to pay for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia. That started at $267 a month the first year. Then it went to $426 a month the second year. This February it goes to $527 a month!

I was also diagnosed with one of those illnesses directly attributed to Agent Orange so now I have a claim pending with the VA since December 06. My medical bills have mounted but still no relief. My VA claim is still pending. Why? Because even though I served a year in Viet Nam and secured a certified letter from my platoon SSGT stating the facts and dates served, the VA still will not approve my claim. They can find no proof I was in Viet Nam through the National Personnel Records Center. I am convinced they hope I die before they have to approve my claim!

And yet, as you mentioned, all an illegal immigrant has to do is go to the local emergency room and get treated at no cost! They can also go to the local health department and receive all kinds of free services. What do I get? NOTHING! I have to pay for everything I receive.

All I can say is keep up the good work and hopefully, some day, things will change!
Semper Fi


Phu Bai/Hue, Viet Nam 1966-1967

We get mail from people who listen to NPR…again

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I support your stand on illegal immigration and the taking back of our country, securing our borders and punishing those individuals and companies who break the law. Best wishes for your continued success, I saw your story on NPR, yes, some conservatives do listen to NPR 🙂


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