November 26, 2007

Mexican matricula consular IDs…selling like hotcakes!

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Matricula consular cards: documenting illegal aliens. They are very easy to get! See one of mine here.

Below from the Washington Times

” Earlier this year, an embassy spokesman said that Mexico issued 963,782 cards in 2004, 830,987 in 2005 and 929,702 in 2006″.

A U.S. senator says immigration authorities should be on hand to arrest illegal aliens who show up to get the controversial Matricula Consular cards issued by the Mexican government.

Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican, asked U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to place agents this weekend outside a municipal building in Lafayette, La., where Mexican consular officials had planned to issue the cards, which can be obtained by any Mexican living outside Mexico. Critics say the cards are a magnet for illegal aliens because they convey the trappings of legal status.

“The Mexican government makes it perfectly clear in advertising this that their citizens can get these cards whether they’re here legally or illegally, so in that situation it would be very clear it’s going to attract a significant number of illegals,” Mr. Vitter said, adding that ICE should take action.

Matricula Consular cards are accepted by some banks and state and local governments as valid identification, which critics say allows illegal aliens to blend into American society. Mexican consulates regularly schedule appearances in cities and towns nationwide to issue the cards to Mexican citizens.

Mr. Vitter said ICE should target those events, and said he raised the issue with ICE’s chief, Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Julie L. Myers, in a telephone call. He said she was not very helpful.

“In general, I found the conversation with her pretty frustrating,” he said, adding that she “clearly wasn’t prepared to do anything about it.”

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