November 26, 2007

We get mail and donations

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To: Mr. King

I am enclosing a $25 donation to support your important work.

A reason not often mentioned in the debate is the population growth of the US and the effect that has on life in this country and the world. With the US consuming a large percentage of world resources and producing more global warming gasses than any other country, it’s very harmful for the US to continue to increase its population. The accusations of racism, etc. can be blunted by simply stopping all immigration. ZPG (zero population growth) in the US should be the goal and immigration accounts for most population growth.

That Mexico has twice the population growth over job growth is a problem they should deal with and not expect the US to solve it by tolerating illegal immigration.

Businesses that say they can’t get along without cheap labor could raise their prices if their competitors couldn’t hire illegal workers either.

Keep up the good work!

J. L.
West Hartford, CT