January 17, 2015

TWO PAGE MANUAL: How to see SB 6 pass out of the Georgia state Senate: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “TOO MUCH PRESSURE”

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The bill, SB 6, that would stop all illegal aliens from getting a Georgia drivers license will likely go to the Senate Public Safety Committee. SB 6 is sponsored by Senator Josh McKoon (R) THANK YOU SENATOR MCKOON!

The easiest way for the Chamber of Commerce/Lt. Governor to kill the bill is to have it stay in the first committee so that nobody has to vote on it. So, the only way a Senator can prove his “support” to us is to sign-on and co-sponsor the bill. Your GOP Senator ran as a conservative and works for you. We all must insist: “Please be a co-sponsor or explain why not…” —Then please email me the Senator’s response. So far, I have heard some doozies… Enough co-sponsors will get the bill out of committee.

We will have an online list of Georgia state Senators who are NOT signed soon as co-sponsors updated daily.

The Lt. Governor is also President of the Senate and decides which bills see a vote.

All committee Chair/member assignments are made with the approval of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle who wants to be governor in 2016. Because of his money ties to Big Business, He is as anti-enforcement on immigration as anyone possibly can be.

A drivers license to an illegal is state amnesty.

Lt. Governor Cagle has already made his mind up that SB 6 will not become law.

The only hope we have is to pressure him and the GOP members of the below committee to let this bill go to the Senate Rules committee, then on to the Senate floor. All of these legislators should be constantly contacted to endorse, co-sponsor and support SB 6.

Simply dismissing you with “I support it…” is not enough and is a dodge if they won’t co-sponsor the bill. Again: If the bill doesn’t come out of this committee, no one has to vote on it. Ever.

Mexico does not issue DLs to illegals!

If we convince all of the Public Safety committee members to co-sign, the bill will come out of committee. It is ridiculous and nearly impossible to vote “NO” in committee on a bill you co-sponsor.

*I cannot say it enough: The point here is to keep the these Senator’s office phones ringing constantly – because that is what the illegal alien lobby is doing and the Chamber of Commerce lobbyists are everywhere in the Capitol. Always. Like flies. You should call multiple times. Your friends too.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office phone in the state Capitol should also ring off the hook every day starting on Tuesday, January 20. “Protect our jobs and our budget! Let SB 6 see a floor vote”

When you get done calling, send an email to the Senate offices. Every day. Honest.
* Also call your own state Senator HERE “ Please co-sponsor SB 6, that is real support!”

Your message should be simple, short and respectful – but firm. Be nice to the assistants who answer the phones. They work hard and some of them are my friends.

“ I am calling to let the Senator/Lt. Governor know that we are outraged that Georgia is giving drivers license to illegal aliens YES ON SB 6* Obama’s illegal amnesty doesn’t change the fact that they are still illegals. Please convey our message that we are watching and expect to see SB 6 quickly pass the Republican Senate * This is a very important issue and one we will not forget. Are we are turning into California? What about our jobs? Please ask the Senator to co-sponsor SB 6/Please ask the Lt. Gov to allow a floor vote on SB 6. We will be watching and remember in 2016.”

We also need short letters to the editor of your local paper and the AJC. – Letters@AJC.com

LIST OF REPUBLICAN Senate Public Safety Committee Members – there are seven members total. I have omitted the two Democrat members of the committee because they are automatic “NO” votes. Do not waste your time on them. If SB 6 is assigned here as I suspect it will be and all of the members are at the meeting (which is unusual) we obviously need four YES votes to get it out of that committee. The Chairman will not allow a vote if the NOs are absent.

1) Senator Tyler Harper – Chairman (South Georgia, Agriculture industry-financed.Cagle servant)
Phone: (404) 463-5263
Fax: (404) 463-4161
Email: Tyler.Harper@senate.ga.gov

2) Senator John Albers – Vice Chairman – conservative.
Phone: (404) 463-8055
Fax: (404) 463-4161

3) Senator Mike Dugan – ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7454
Fax: (404) 651-5795

4) Senator Dr. Ben Watson Was in House for years, now in Senate, ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7880

5) Senator Michael Williams Freshman- ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7127

6) Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, President of the Senate – ran as conservative (HA!)
Phone: (404) 656-5030
Fax: (404) 656-6739

This bill will only pass if we work harder than the illegal alien lobby- because they have all the money. This bill will save lives and jobs if it passes because illegals will move out of Georgia to a state where they can get a drivers license. THE AJC NEWSPAPER WILL DO EVERYTHING IT CAN TO STOP SB 6!

*Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona. We rank # 7 in the nation in that illegal population. English is an optional language. Who should get our new jobs; Illegals, or Americans/legal immigrants? All Republicans now in Georgia office ran as pro-enforcement conservatives.

*Republican Governor Deal says we spend $2.4 billion each year on the crime of illegal immigration. He campaigned as pro-enforcement in 2010 but hasn’t made a peep about illegal immigration since 2011.

*Drivers licenses are used to register to vote. North Carolina discovered 145 illegal aliens who Obama had given deferred action amnesty on their voting rolls in November. They expect to find more.