January 28, 2015

We The Bubbas in the Daily Caller

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Daily Caller, before the House leadership removed the fake border bill from the vote schedule today.

“The bill is intended to help legislators reassure worried GOP voters prior to an amnesty sellout by the GOP leadership, said D.A. King, a Georgia-based anti-amnesty activist. ”It is a complete scam. … They’re treating us like ‘we the bubbas,’ not ‘we the people,’” he said, adding that the GOP legislators’ “contempt for their own base is astonishing and sickening.”

Several top GOP leaders have said they want to pass bills that would import hundreds of thousands of lower-wage workers for food-sector jobs, for blue-collar jobs and for jobs sought by young U.S. professionals, such as therapists, teachers, accountants and pharmacists. A senior GOP chairman, Rep. Pete Sessions, also said he hoped to enact an amnesty in 2015. Sessions is a close ally of House Speaker John Boehner.

In December, top Republican leaders ignored opposition from almost 90 percent of the GOP base and almost one-third of GOP legislators and pushed through a 2015 funding bill that funded Obama’s unilateral amnesty for 12 million illegals in the United States.

In January, public pressure forced Boehner to pass a bill blocking Obama’s amnesty and imposing major reforms on Obama’s border policy. But Republicans in the Senate say their 54-seat majority isn’t strong enough to overcome Democratic support for the amnesty. If the McCaul bill is passed by the House, it may be passed by the Senate GOP instead of the January reform bill, critics worry.

GOP leaders, including McCaul, say the border bill is just one of several bills intended to bolster security. The bill spends more on border protection, but doesn’t change immigration law because that’s a task for the House judiciary committee, he said.

“The Committee on Homeland Security does not have jurisdiction over interior enforcement. … House Republicans are taking a step-by-step approach and as such the ‘Secure Our Borders First’ bill deals solely with the problem at our southern, northern, and maritime borders,” said a Jan. 23 statement from his office.

The GOP legislators who have backed the bill include Texas Reps. McCaul, Lamar Smith, Will Hurd and John Ratcliffe, Pennsylvania’s Barletta, Tom Marino and Scott Perry, Michigan’s Mike Rogers and Candace Miller, New York’s Peter King and John Katko, Georgia’s Earl (Buddy) Carter and Barry Loudermilk, plus South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan, Mississippi’s Steven Palazzo, Florida’s Curtis Clawson, North Carolina’s Mark Walker and Arizona’s Martha McSally.”