January 27, 2015

GEORGIAFORNIA LISTS: Which Republican state Senators in Georgia have endorsed Senate Bill 6 to stop illegal aliens from obtaining a drivers license – and which ones have not signed on

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UPDATED LIST- Senator Judson Hill signed SB 6 on February 2, 2015. Updated Feb 13 – Senator Hunter Hill also signed on.

Illegal aliens cannot get a drivers license in Mexico.

Senate Bill 6 has been officially filed in Georgia and would end the practice of the Republican-controlled state issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The Georgia state Senate has a Republican super-majority. They have the ability to pass anything they choose.

Enemies of the bill:

Republican Governor Nathan Deal

Deal said in 2010 that Georgia spends about $2.4 billion every year on the crime of illegal immigration. He has remained mostly silent on the issue since. The Chamber of Commerce wants the politicians to raise our taxes to fund improvements in transportation.

Republican Lt. Governor and President of the Senate, Casey Cagle

Cagle wants to be governor in 2018.

* Leadership members in the Senate who want to advance and/or be governor or Lt. Governor in 2017 and are much more fearful of the business lobby than the voters they know will “forgit” in a month and who they consider to be “The Bubbas.”

* The entire Georgia business community, led by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Metro-Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2014, these same lobbying groups that now control Georgia killed a similar bill on licensing illegals, a resolution that would have allowed Georgia voters to decide via the November 2014 ballot whether to amend the state constitution to make English the official language of government and a ‘Religious Freedom’ bill.

* Lazy and shy Republicans who will vote for nearly anyone with an ”R” near their name and then treat the public servant as master.

For the politically un-aware who are asking “why?” – the answer is profit. Money. The bottom line. They make more money by hiring black-market labor in place of Americans and they want to show they control the state when corporations look to relocate to save money on labor.

It was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that teamed up with the ACLU and the National Council of La Raza in an attempt to remove a 2008 Arizona E-Verify law designed to protect American jobs and wages from illegal labor.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce also worked alongside the ACLU here in Georgia in 2011 in a failed attempt to stop Georgia’s E-Verify law.

There are many ways for Lt. Governor to kill thi sbill. But each time a phone rings in the state Capitol with calls from irate Georgians who want to know what in the world is going on when Republicans fight to reward illegal aliens with a drivers license (the ‘keys to the Kingdom”) it gets a little more difficult. You should know that the Chamber of Commerce lobbyists are everywhere, all day long under the Gold Dome. Like flies. While you are at work.

The more co-sponsors the bill has, the more difficult it is for the press to ignore it and for Casey Cagle to kill it – or let it rot in a committee until April of 2016 when the General assembly concludes.


Two lists. One shows which GOP Senators have signed on to like a 21st century John Hancock . The other who has not signed on.

There are 38 Senators in the Georgia Senate. 11 of them are working to deter illegal immigration in Georgia on SB 6.

Pro-enforcement Senators who have sponsored SB 6:

Senator Josh McKoon Senate Bill 6 Sponsor


Steve Gooch
William Ligon
Bill Heath
PK Martin
Greg Kirk
Bruce Thompson
Marty Harbin
Frank Ginn
Michael Williams
Mike Crane
Judson Hill
Hunter Hill

The below Republican state Senators have not yet signed on…and most of them have no intention of taking a chance on offending senate leadership or even worse for them, the Chamber of Commerce that donates money to their campaigns. Put a different way: They are siding with the Chamber and the ACLU on the illegal alien future Democrat voters who are taking jobs and lowering wages.

One more thing: Ask yourself the question: “Would any candidate have promised to give illegal aliens a drivers license in Georgia during the campaign just months ago? Would you have voted for them if they did?”

Senators who have NOT signed on to endorse/co-sponsor SB 6:

Albers, John (Republican)
Beach, Brandon (Republican)
Bethel, Charlie (Republican)
Black, Ellis (Republican)
Burke, Dean (Republican)
Cowsert, Bill (Republican)
Dugan, Mike (Republican)
Harper, Tyler (Republican)
Hill, Jack (Republican)
Hufstetler, Chuck (Republican)
Jackson, Bill (Republican)
Jeffares, Rick (Republican)
Jones, Burt (Republican)
Kennedy, John F. (Republican)
Millar, Fran (Republican)
Miller, Butch (Republican)
Mullis, Jeff (Republican)
Shafer, David (Republican)
Stone, Jesse (Republican)
Tippins, Lindsey (Republican)
Tolleson, Ross (Republican)
Unterman, Renee S (Republican)
Watson, Ben (Republican)
Wilkinson, John (Republican)
Williams, Tommie (Republican)