December 23, 2020

Letter to AJC editor that did not see print (in fairness, it was well over the word limit) – Victims of illegal alien crime not on agenda

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Image: AJC


AJC dodged input from victims of illegal immigration Dec 2020

Dear editor,

With the misleading (hard copy) headline Cobb reckons with immigrant legacy the AJC explains it is withholding the names of multiple illegal aliens quoted in a long weeper celebrating the looming end of the lifesaving 287(g) program in Cobb County. Most victims of borders will be released from the Cobb jail after capture.

We note the stated AJC policy of shielding illegal alien’s identities “due to their concern over stigma or deportation” and wonder: Will this ‘woke’ protection apply to all criminals in the future?

The AJC story quoted Adelina Nichols, a Mexican citizen who runs the anti-enforcement, corporate-funded Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR). Nichols is well known for her public use of “Chinga La Migra on placards and t-shirts to express her unbridled hate for any immigration enforcement officials. Google it.

“Being undocumented, your dream is just not getting deported” one illegal alien laments to the AJC.

The vanishing dream for Americans – in their own country – is family safety, security and an equal application of our immigration laws. That ideal could easily have been illustrated in the AJC story with a quote from Woodstock’s Kathy Inman. If asked, Inman would have replied from the wheelchair she has been in since 2000 when an illegal alien who was released after multiple contacts with local law enforcement put her there and killed her only child, Dustin. We don’t think “family separation” is a universal concern at the AJC.

Not for the first time, we remind the AJC management and staff that illegal aliens are not “immigrants.”  Real immigrants do not require shielding in ‘news’ stories to protect them from deportation.

D.A. King


King is president of the Dustin Inman Society