December 4, 2020

You can always depend on the liberal AJC

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You can always depend on the liberal AJC

Or, when is calling someone a “racist pig” itself “racist”? (when the AJC says it is)

Part 1


In early 2017 Democrat Congressman John Lewis made it publicly clear that he did not regard President Trump as a “legitimate president”. He cited “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election and was treated as a hero in the media. The liberal AJC ran this story.

In a dumb reaction, a Republican Gwinnett County (GA) Commissioner, Tommy Hunter, said Lewis was a ”racist pig” in a personal Facebook post on his own time. The liberal AJC ran this story.

Kevin Riley, Editor in Chief, AJC.Photo: AJC

All hell broke loose.

Lewis, now deceased, was black and a Democrat. Hunter is white and a Republican. You may see where this is going.

The Georgia Democrats howled that Hunter must immediately apologize – and resign his commission seat.

A leftist activist who did not live in Gwinnett County filed an ethics complaint against Commissioner Hunter. The process for that complaint – and the endless press coverage – lasted about six months.

Hunter, it seems, was a “racist” according to the “progressives” for calling Lewis a “racist pig”. Hunter told me that it was “six months of hell” which is the intended and sure-to-come penalty for talking back to the far-left.

There was no complaint, ethics or otherwise, against John Lewis and the contrived and false Russian interference story was fed for another three years before it would fade from the media story line, including at the liberal AJC.

Lewis never apologized and was never asked to apologize.

Commissioner Hunter, who had to hire an attorney was eventually “found guilty” (the complaint was upheld) by a Gwinnett County ethics board which recommended Hunter be sanctioned by the Gwinnett County Commission. Hunter’s lawyer was a black American.

Hunter was officially sanctioned by the Republican-led commission, with a weak, dim and pandering Charlotte Nash as Chair.

Charlotte Nash. Photo: AJC

The liberal Atlanta Journal Constitution created a ‘timeline’ to keep readers the story alive.

Way back when, Gwinnett, once a desirable place to live was also a Republican stronghold. It was so nice a place to live that eventually newcomers moved in in such numbers and had such a drastic effect of the standard of living that the liberal Saporta Report ran a detailed 2012 story entitled “Gwinnett County’s dramatic demographic shift illustrates question: “Who are We?” which included some astonishing facts straight from county officials and stats. While the article would not be tolerated now (too much information on immigration) it is well worth your time to understand not only metro-Atlanta’s Gwinnett county, but the entire state of Georgia’s political change.

Gwinnett has been officially taken over by the Democrats.

Here in December 2020, Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter, who had zero chance of reelection stepped down at the end of his third term. To celebrate, the liberal AJC ran another “racist”- themed story on Hunter with the headline ‘Tommy Hunter wants Gwinnett to remember him for more than racist posts’.

Moral to our short report? You can always, always depend on the liberal AJC.


Part Two coming soon: This is half the story. When time allows, we will explain what happened in Gwinnett County in 2019 when a Democrat county commissioner calls a pro-enforcement, conservative “racist…” and used the discredited SPLC as a source from her seat on the commission during an official meeting. And how the AJC covered that adventure.

The commissioner is black. The pro-enforcement conservative is white. You may see what is coming.


John Lewis, March, 2011 “March for Dignity” Photo: Youtube

John Lewis bonus and “hate-fact”: In 2011 Congressman John Lewis led about 5000 screaming, defiant illegal aliens and their handlers in a raucous protest in front of the Georgia state Capitol demanding then-pending state legislation aimed at illegal immigration and illegal employment (HB 87) be defeated and made it clear that if passed the illegals would not obey the law.

(I wrote the illegal alien protest rally up here for the Marietta Journal Constitution newspaper).

Lewis told the foreigners (Lewis spoke in English. Most of the event was conducted in a foreign language) in the USA illegally that “We all live in the same house, if any one of us is illegal then we all are illegal.” “They cannot arrest us all…”

John Lewis entire speech to the mass of street screamers in 2011:

“Good afternoon, my sisters and brothers. Thank you to every one of you for being here. As Martin Luther King Jr said on one occasion, “There’s not anything more powerful than the commitment and the dedication of a determined people.” You are determined.

You, you must not give up. You must not give in. Continue to do everything possible to keep this bill from passing [crosstalk 00:00:44]. Many, many years ago, when I had all of my hair and a few pounds lighter. When I was involved, counseling in the civil rights movement, I got arrested a few times, 40 times.

I was beaten, left bloodied but I didn’t give up, and you must not give up. [crosstalk 00:01:22] immigration, it’s not a state issue, it is not a county issue, it is not a city issue, it is the issue of the National Government and not the Government of the state of Georgia.

As a matter of fact, we all are brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter whether we’re Black, White, Latino, Asian American, Native American we’re one people, we’re one family.

We all live in the same house, if any one of us is illegal then we all are illegal. There’s no illegal human being. I’ve said over and over again, all across America, we must say out to the state of Georgia and to other states that we do not want Arizona-type legislation here in the state of Georgia.

So, keep it up. If any of you get arrested and go to jail, I’m prepared to get arrested and go to jail with you. If one of us are arrested, if one of us are put in jail, we all should be put in jail. The jails in Georgia, the jails of America are not large enough to hold all of us.

Get out there. Get out there. Make some noise, work hard and we will get justice here in the state of Georgia and all around America. Organize. Organize. Speak up, speak out, keep the faith.”

Video here.