October 20, 2020

Continuing saga: Dalton open records: Second attempt to see GBI investigate multiple violations of state law regarding E-Verify and false documents * Kasey Carpenter

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News on the (Dalton) complaints on filing false documents and violation of Georgia’s E-Verify for private employer laws.

Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood has declined to investigate the complaints we sent regarding the City of Dalton and restaurant owner Rep. Casey Carpenter. On the phone, I was finally successful in convincing a clearly reluctant Sheriff Chitwood to forward my complaint to the GBI, as I had originally requested but since he received the carefully laid out electronic complaints from his staff in a printed format, he told me that is how he would forward the material to GBI.

I explained that the information necessary to understand my complaints could not be accessed unless the reader was using the electronic version.

I am now in the process of attempting to see action from the District Attorney for Whitfield County (Bert Poston) and have sent that office the same electronic complaints with the below email with a copy sent to Diane Morgan, who I am told is the GBI Director’s assistant. I have not recieved confirmation of receipt and am now calling both offices:

Dear District Attorney Poston,

Please see the attached complaint, which is #2 of two complaints I filed with Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood on September 29, 2020 with the request that he forward them to the GBI. Both complaints are also posted online on our website: complaint #2 here , complaint #1 here.
Please note that I am copying the assistant to GBI Director on this email.
I request that your office forward my well-researched and sourced complaints to the GBI for further action.
I have received a response from Sheriff Chitwood today and quote it in its entirety here: “Your complaint was received, but after reading over it, the Whitfield Co. Sheriffs’ Office would not oversee such a complaint.   Your attention should be directed to the City of Dalton.” I also had a phone conversation with Sheriff Chitwood.
I would be extremely grateful for a reply confirming your receipt of this email.
Thank you,
D.A. King