October 19, 2020

Response from Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood on complaints for violation of state law Re: Dalton open records *Kasey Carpenter

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The below email from Sheriff Chitwood was received here on October 14, 2020 at 9:30 AM. It was actually two complaints. Both here. We also spoke on the telephone when I called him before I saw his email to me.

Sheriff Scott Chitwood. Photo, WCSD


“Your complaint was received, but after reading over it, the Whitfield Co. Sheriffs’ Office would not oversee such a complaint. Your attention should be directed to the City of Dalton.”


Update: 17 Nov 2020: I sent the complaints to the Whitfield County area District Attorney the same day I received the above answer from the Whitfield County Sheriff. But, we think it important to note the guidelines provided by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on how they get involved in an investigation. From the GBI website, FAQ page:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the GBI get involved in an investigation?

    Under Georgia law, the GBI, as an assisting agency, can ONLY respond to requests for investigations from:

    • Governing officials of a municipality
    • District Attorneys <–
    • Sheriffs <–
    • Superior Court Judges
    • Chief law enforcement officers of any municipality
    • Chiefs of county police departments (in counties with population in excess of 100,000)
    • Chiefs of regular or volunteer fire departments (in suspected arson cases)
    • Governor of Georgia (by directive)