May 23, 2017

Continuing education: The illegal alien lobby in Georgia: State Rep Brenda Lopez (Romero)

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A continuing educational series on Georgia’s illegal alien lobby

UPDATE: I don’t know how it got by me, but until today I did not realize that Georgia state Rep. Brenda Lopez Romero was an illegal alien who somehow scored an amnesty/change of status. See below, from the AJC on Feb 26, 2020.

“Brenda Lopez Romero, D-Norcross, who said after spending 12 years as an undocumented immigrant, she wanted to support Fosque for speaking on behalf of those who were most marginalized.” Here.

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Brenda Lopez (Romero)           **  @VoteBrendaLopez  **

  • Georgia State Rep, District 99 (Norcross, in Gwinnett County) HERE
  • Bonus insight into mass, uncontrolled immigration’s effect on Gwinnett County, Georgia HERE.
  • Democrat
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Born in Mexico, became U.S. citizen “just before law school.”
  • Anti-enforcement immigration activist on the board of the tribalist, corporate-funded  GALEO  – see HERE
  • As a state legislator, joins GALEO in opposition to English as constitutional official language of Georgia – says “it breeds distrust and prejudice against minority groups.” HERE.
  • Twitter
  • *Speaker at GALEO fundraiser September, 2016

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Special remarks provided by: *Brenda Lopez, Representative-elect, Georgia House of Representatives, 1st Latina in the Georgia Legislature.
Mistress of Ceremonies: Lara-Carolina Fernandez, Telemundo Atlanta

  • On being American: Says illegal aliens with illegal Obama DACA amnesty “are basically more American than some of us that may have been born in this country, right?…these are American kids for all intents and purposes.”
  • Rep Lopez was one of twenty-six House members who voted against HB 452, which requires that the GBI share information it is already receiving from ICE on the release of violent, convicted criminal aliens. HERE
  •  Lopez told a local TV reporter that alerting Georgia’s county sheriffs and the public when criminal aliens – some of whom have been convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping and child molestation – are released back into our communities instead of being deported is “the most “egregious” anti-immigrant bill in Georgia in nearly a decade.” The registry is “just fundamentally something that goes against our notions of privacy, also our notions of rehabilitation,” Lopez said.
  • Note: GALEO lobbied against HB 452 in the committee process and led a forty-day activist campaign attempting to have the bill vetoed – HERE.
  • HB 452 is now state law.

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