September 19, 2017

Brown supremacist, anti-enforcement Jerry Gonzalez: An angry ethnic hustler with ties to “hate group”

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GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez – photo, DIS

“Shorter: The SPLC says the Nation of Islam is a “hate group” and Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO Inc. is partners in the anti-enforcement Cobb United for Change Coalition with the Nation of Islam.


Brown supremacist Jerry Gonzalez: An ethnic hustler with ties to “hate group”

By his own mindless standards, the Executive Director of GALEO, Jerry Gonzalez, has ties to at least one “hate group.” Which makes his latest race-baiting hissy fit, smear-shot at my pro-enforcement friend Phil Kent all the more obvious and comical.

Under Jerry (Gerado E.) Gonzalez’s leadership, the anti-enforcement immigration corporation GALEO partnered up with several marginal groups in 2008 to form what they called the “Cobb United for Change Coalition” here in Cobb County, Georgia.

The groups and their leaders involved in this coalition included the Nation of Islam (headed nationally by the Rev. Louis Farrakhan), the corporate-funded Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (Jerry Gonzalez), the New Order National Human Rights Organization (Gerald Rose), the Cobb Immigrant Alliance (Rich Pellegrino), the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (Mexican citizen and former Atlanta Mexican Consul General Teodoro Maus), the Cobb Southern Christian Leadership Conference (the Rev. Dwight Graves), the Family Life Restoration Center (Luther Washington Jr.) and according to an Marietta Daily Journal editorial, the National Council of La Raza (Janet Murguía).

For the readers who do not understand Spanish, a translation: The last group mentioned above translates as “The National Council of the Race.” After forty-six years, La Raza has changed it’s name.

When they aren’t smearing Christian groups and caring for its off shore bank accounts, the SPLC hucksters, put out a “hate map” of “hate groups” which has included the Nation of Islam, one of GALEO’s partners in the Cobb United for Change Coalition.

Shorter: The SPLC says the Nation of Islam is a “hate group” and Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO Inc. is partners in the anti-enforcement Cobb United for Change Coalition with the Nation of Islam.

For mainstream Georgians who have the pleasure of not being familiar with “Angry Jerry” Gonzalez, it may help to know that he is one of the ethnic hustler, hard leftists who uses the endless smears from the discredited SPLC to attempt to keep pro-American dialogue out of the immigration debate. But he is also a wanna be tough guy when he doesn’t like what you have to say. Example: A 2011 Rome News-Tribune report (“Immigration discussion gets heated during panel”  recounts Gonzalez’s antics at a mainstream event in that lovely Georgia city.

Apparently, Gonzalez was “uninvited” as a panel member on a scheduled meeting focused on Georgia’s E-Verify law.

According to the Rome news report, Gonzalez showed up anyway, angrily shouted at Rome’s diminutive and well-liked state Representative, Katie Dempsey, from the audience during and after the event and ended up being escorted out of the event, the building and off the property by Rome police officers. Dempsey was a cosigner on the bill that created the E-Verify requirement for private employers, HB 87. Word around Rome is that the meeting organizers learned of Jerry’s involvement in a lawsuit against the governor and the state to overturn stop enforcement/HB 87 and concluded that Gonzalez wasn’t the best choice for a rational, unbiased discussion.

We agree. And we wonder if Angry Jerry will chase and scream at Phil Kent at the coming event. In the spirit of the leftist smear artists, somebody may want to ask Jerry if he still beats his husband. 

Led by Gonzalez, GALEO toxic for federal judge nominee

Angry Jerry is likely still hysterical over the fact that the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee tossed consideration of a GALEO board member, Dax Lopez, after Barack Obama nominated him for a federal judge seat here in Georgia. Georgia Senator David Perdue, a committee member, made it clear that Lopez’s ties to the radical, Jane Fonda-funded GALEO Inc. caused enough concern to reject Dax Lopez.

If Angry Jerry’s years of marching in the streets of Georgia and Washington D.C. demanding an end to voter ID and enforcement of American immigration laws wasn’t what illustrated the anti-American nature of Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO and it’s mission, maybe it was the fact that Gonzalez is a former employee of the radical MALDEF.

To get an idea of the ideology involved in rabid haters like Gonzalez, it helps to know what a MALDEF founder, Mario Obledo, made it quite clear on the radio in 1998: “California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn’t like it they should leave. They ought to go back to Europe.” 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jerry Gonzalez, race-baiting hater.