November 17, 2011

Attention KSU security: Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO to speak on campus

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Attention KSU security: Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO to speak at KSU today
by D.A. King

Attention KSU security: Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO to speak on campus today

November 16, 2011

Readers who have never seen or heard Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of former Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa’s anti-immigration-enforcement Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials Inc. ( GALEO) will apparently have that always eye-opening opportunity this evening at KSU.

I am told the lecture – and I do mean lecture – is sponsored by the Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.

According to a post on the GALEO Facebook page (a valuable source of insight on how the far left-wing thinks) Gonzalez is speaking today – for three hours – on the what he sees as the difficulties with American immigration laws, the horrors of Georgia’s recently enacted HB 87 and the concept of federal “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” – what most people refer to as amnesty-again.

This long-time American strongly recommends attending if you can spare the time.

According to GALEO the no-cost entertainment begins at 6:30 in Kennesaw State University’s Clendenin Building, room 1008.

Attendees should be ready for the very possible exposure to one of Gonzalez’s well-known, but seldom reported hissy-fits if things don’t go the way he demands at the KSU event.

A recent Rome News-Tribune news report ( Immigration discussion gets heated during panel”“ – November 9) recounts Gonzalez’s antics at a similar event in that lovely Georgia city. Apparently, Gonzalez was “uninvited” as a panel member on a scheduled meeting there focused on needed adjustments by business and Human Resource managers in Georgia due to the E-Verify requirement in Georgia’s new law.

According to the Rome news report, Gonzalez showed up anyway, angrily shouted at Rome’s diminutive and well-liked state Repesentitive, Katie Dempsey, from the audience during and after the event and ended up being escorted out of the event, the building and off the property by local police. Dempsey was a cosigner on HB 87.

Word around Rome is that the meeting organizers learned of GALEO’s involvement in a pending lawsuit against the governor and the state to stop enforcement/HB 87 and concluded that Gonzalez wasn’t the best choice for a rational, unbiased discussion. (Duh).

One poster on the Rome newspaper’s comments section offers more on the possibilities for Gonzalez being removed from the panel there: “Jerry is a threatening, angry wanna-be “tough guy” who says English as the official language of the USA “would be an insult” to his culture. Maybe they learned that Gonzalez had the Socialist Workers Party come to his 2003 group to help with trying to get Ga drivers licenses for illegals. He has hysterically screamed at women legislators before, most recently before this, in the last legislative session, in the Capitol, at a state Senator from Gwinnett County who made the remark that Georgians should not have to pay for illegals on the floor of the Senate.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I can personally confirm that last observation. I was in the Georgia Capitol last session when Capitol Police warned Gonzalez that he would be removed if he continued his screaming at state Senator Renee Unterman after her complaint to them.

Anyway, if you have time tonight to see the illegal alien lobby and listen to the amazing arguments used against enforcement of American immigration laws, today is your chance.

Take a camera and an American flag. They love that.

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