January 20, 2016

Video: Illegal aliens protest immigration enforcement in Atlanta, January, 2016 – with translation #SPLC

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For those of you who have not seen the corporate-funded illegal alien lobby in action.

VIDEO below

Illegal alien street screamers in front of the federal immigration court in Atlanta, January 7, 2016.
Video shot by D.A. King.

At the end of this one hour event with about 60 people, I watched as a man in his twenties strolled over to a group of federal and Atlanta police officers and screamed obscenities at them (in English) about law enforcement directed at “immigrants” and finished by telling them to “get a real job…”

You can see the NPR affiliate WABE-News report here. Let me know if you see anything resembling a mention of the police being verbally attacked and provoked. Personal, educated and experienced observation. WABE News is among the most agenda-driven and biased news outlets in Georgia. And that is a big statement. They have, at last and at least, dropped any pretense of “journalism.”

* The organizer of this indicator of Obama’s new America was GLAHR (more on these socialists/communists — HERE) with participation of speakers from the SPLC and the ACLU.

For me, the shake-my-head part of the day was when they attacked Barack Obama as “oppressive.”

For those readers who do not get it yet: They despise America and Americans who don’t help them. The goal is open borders and these crazies will not stop unless/until they make America into as poor and as miserable a place to live as the third-world nations these angry leftists came from. They still cling to their home-nation flags.

Translation of the bullhorn chants:

Se ve, se ciente – We see, we feel!
El publo esta presente – we are here!

Se olle, Se escucha – We hear, we listen!
El pueblo esta en la lucha – we are in the fight!

Las calles son del pueblo – the streets belong to us!
El pueblo donde esta – we belong here!
El pueblo esta en la calle – we are in these streets!
Exigiendo la justicia – demanding justice!

Que pedimos? – justicia – We ask for justice!
La legalizion – no deportacion – Legalization, not deportation!

VIDEO – 43 seconds. I have much more…