April 5, 2011

HOW TO GET ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF GEORGIA AND SAVE JOBS FOR GEORGIANS: NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE -Call Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and know what is happening in our state government TELL THEM ALL THAT WE KNOW ENFORCEMENT WORKS AND WHO IS AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE AND THE RULE OF LAW! Don’t let the anti-enforcement illegal alien lobby including the Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce win!REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

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YES TO ENFORCEMENT IN GEORGIA YES TO HB 87! How many times have YOU called and emailed the legislature to try to save Georgia from the invasion and sell-out by the business lobby and elected officials?

The illegals are calling right now. The legislators are out until Monday but you can call NOW! Next week is the last week with only THREE LEGISLATIVE DAYS to save our Georgia by seeing HB 87 langauge passed.

“I believe the rule of law is important, but over-regulation on businesses would just not be right and we’re not going to see it happen this session,’’ Casey Cagle, Lt Governor and president of the Georgia senate.


New York restaurant owner:“We always, always hire the undocumented workers,” he said. “It’s not just me, it’s everybody in the industry. First, they are willing to do the work. Second, they are willing to learn. Third, they are not paid as well. It’s an economic decision. It’s less expensive to hire an undocumented person.”


HB 87, the most well-written and potentially effective state-level illegal immigration enforcement legislation in the nation, is in serious trouble in the Georgia legislature. I know it can be confusing, but it has NOT passed and the anti-enforcement members of the Georgia government – many of them Republicans who are siding with John Lewis– are now working along with the others in the illegal alien lobby to either run the clock out on the session or to neuter or kill the bill outright. And doing everything possible to misdirect and confuse you. It is possible that the language we want could be considered as SB 40- so please pay attention.

I will post info HERE and HERE

The quote above will give you some idea of how high the fire sale on Georgia’s future goes.

I am putting the ACTION NEEDED right in the top for those of you who want to know what to do starting this very instant. Below that is an explanation of what has been going on with our enforcement legislation, politicians and the black-hearted traitorous business lobby .

No matter what you have done to help so far or how many phone calls or emails you have sent, here is the ACTION NEEDED:

* Call and email Governor Deal’s office: 404 656 1776 email HERE

“I am a voting Georgian who has had enough of illegal immigration and the job loss that crime creates. Please give this message to the Governor: Thank you for your campaign promises to get an Arizona style immigration enforcement bill and E-Verify in Georgia. Time is running out and I am very confused about your silence while so many far left radicals and profiteering business leaders who hire illegal aliens are so loud in their opposition to the enforcement language in HB 87…I am watching carefully and will remember all that happens on this very serious matter to decide Georgia’s future.”

* Call and email Lt. Governor Casey Cagle who is president of the senate
TEL: (404) 656-5030
FAX: (404) 656-6739

“Please tell the Lt. Governor that I am watching, I can read the press reports and I can see his quotes on illegal immigration enforcement legislation and E-Verify. If HB 87 language does not pass with E-verify for all industries in the state, I will assume that it is because of his cooperation with the illegal alien lobby which includes most of the business community. I will not forget.”

* Call and email Senator Tommie Williams, the senate president Pro Tem
Tommie Williams
Phone: (404) 656-0089
Fax: (404) 463-5220

“Please tell Senator Williams that I am watching and fear for Georgia’s future. American workers, including construction workers, stand in unemployment lines while employers hire illegal aliens that we the voting taxpayers are forced to subsidize. I have had enough. We must have a law this year with language from HB 87 including E-Verify for all Georgia industries.”

* Then…call and email your state Senator – no matter who he/she is, to say:

“I am watching what is happening with the infighting in the senate and on illegal immigration. I understand the tricks the Senate Judiciary Committee tried with HB 87. I expect you to vote for language contained in the House version of HB 87 complete with E-verify for all Georgia industries. I will not forget the outcome. I am one of the never-silent-again majority who will no longer tolerate the business community running our state government while they hire taxpayer subsidized illegal alien labor.”

Senate contact info HERE

Some of you tell me there is too much information in some of the alerts. Some complain because I don’t sift through readily available news items to give you the entire story. If you want background info to understand what is going on, read further.

Here are some facts on what has been happening to catch everyone up:

The new Georgia governor, who ran on the record and promise of pro-enforcement and putting in place an Arizona-style law and E-Verify has remained silent on illegal immigration since he took office. Even with the majority of Georgians on the record as supporting state enforcement. HERE is what the Governor’s office sends in reply to our pleas

The Lt. Governor who is also president of the senate and controls which bills get voted on has reportedly struck a bargain with senate Democrats and has long opposed use of E-verify to protect jobs for Georgians. You can see more of this part of the story HERE and HERE and HERE .

Cagle sends the following letter to mail HERE .

The Georgia House Judiciary (non civil) committee substituted the terrific language of HB 87 into the fraud of a bill SB 40, BUT then the Senate Judiciary committee – without debate or notice of hearing – changed the House version of HB 87 by watering it down and limiting the industries that would be required to use E-Verify. This was as slimy a trick as I have seen in a while. Senator Bill Hamrick is the Chairman of the senate Judiciary committee. I would post a link to a news story on this action from Senator Hamrick but despite me spending most of an entire day (Friday) making this fact clear to reporters, I am unaware of any such report.

The Georgia Restaurant Association has sent a letter to the legislature urging that they kill any enforcement bill and telling them that each E-Verify query to insure new employees are legal costs $127.00. They are using false information given to them by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. They are all desperate.THE TRUTH IS E-VERIFY IS FREE TO USE AND COSTS ZERO TO VERIFY A WORKER. See the letter HERE See their reply to mail from pro-enforcement Americans HERE . Contact them if you want.

The Georgia agriculture industry sent a letter to the legislature yesterday telling them to kill any enforcement bill – ridding Georgia of illegal aliens and hiring real legal immigrants would be bad for the state they say. They are led by someone who many believe to possibly be unstable because of his conduct in the Capitol a man named Bryan Tolar. You can read the letter HERE • Note that they also use the bogus scare tactic that E-Verify somehow costs $127.000 per query. If they are making up a cost, why not use $127,000.000?

Jerry Gonzalez of the radical open borders GALEO Inc. has obtained a toll free number phone service in English and Spanish that connects to the Georgia senate. He is urging the illegal aliens to call and try to kill the enforcement bills. YOU CAN USE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE NUMBER HE HAS SET UP TO CALL THE SENATE, THEN DELIVER YOUR OWN PRO-ENFORCEMENT MESSAGE IN ADDITON TO THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS.

Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO)
Have you called yet? Call 866-877-5529 (Spanish) or 866-998-2910 (English) and you will be connected to a Georgia Senator’s office. Feel free to call more than once! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Let’s make Georgia’s future a prosperous one!


Last month about 5,000 screaming, chanting, resentful illegal aliens and the remora-like subversives who support them took over Washington Street in front of the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Many carried signs that said “UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID” and “WE WILL NOT LEAVE!” and “NO TO HB 87!” and “LEGALIZATION FOR ALL” and “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” The Capitol grounds looked and sounded like the televised mass rallies that take place in chaotic Third World nations on the way to revolution. The hated object of the angry, riotous protest was any enforcement of American immigration laws in general and HB 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 authored by state Rep. Matt Ramsey, in particular. HB 87 is the most well written and most potentially effective state immigration enforcement bill in the nation.

As Americans in America, we are fighting a large anti-American coalition that wants to end enforcement of our immigration and employment laws. This would not change with another amnesty. If you don’t help, we will lose.