March 30, 2010

Report on our bills in the 2010 Georgia Legislature so far….HB 1259, HB 1164, SB 460 – KILLED BY SPEAKER DAVID RALSTON AND LT. GOVERNOR CASEY CAGLE

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Our three bills that were pending in the Georgia legislature that would have provided language to help protect the American worker in Georgia are dead. The sound you may have heard late Friday night were the sighs of relief from Jerry Gonzalez, the ACLU and Georgia’s illegal alien-employing business community.

They were diluted and then killed by a coalition of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) HERE , the Georgia Department of Labor and the crazies in the ethnic-based illegal alien lobby.

But they were finally and most directly killed by the Speaker of the House, David Ralston and Georgia’s Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle.

Speaker David Ralston runs the Georgia House of Representatives. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle runs the Georgia Senate.

For all of my GOP friends…please note that Ralston and Cagle are Republicans and have clearly picked a side on the illegal immigration crisis. They went with the money and the black-market labor.

The out of work and beleaguered Georgia citizens be damned.

I wish I were making this up. It is all true. I would direct you to the AJC or other news reports on the fact, but in an effort to further their amnesty-again agenda, most media outlets understand the importance of keeping the existence of the bills a secret and to never mention the fact that they were killed by Ralston and Cagle.

House Bill 1259, The Georgia Employer and Worker Protection Act of 2010 (Rep. Bobby Reese) was a bill that would have required use of the no-cost federal E-Verify program to insure that newly hired employees are not illegal aliens. House leadership (David Ralston) made sure that it never saw a committee hearing. It died on day 30 ‚Äúcross over day‚ÄĚ of the session, which was Friday. HB 1259 would have protected jobs for Georgians and encouraged illegal aliens to leave Georgia.

House Bill 1164 (Rep. Rick Austin) began as a well written comprehensive fix to the 2006 Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. It would have provided punishment for local governments that are even now ignoring Georgia laws on Public Benefits and employment of illegal labor. Also severe consequences for contractors working on the taxpayer funded Public Works projects who hire illegal labor as was recently proven in Cobb County.

After having been eviscerated by the ACCG/GMA in the House Judiciary Committee Chaired by Rep. Wendell Willard, what remained was rather weak language directed only at contractors…punishment language for the local governments was completely removed. Willard is the city attorney for Sandy Springs and no friend of working Georgians. ACCG/GMA can never be seen with the Chairman’s gavel, but the cozy relationship is clear. Think of the fox in charge of sentry duty at the hen house.

Senate Bill 460,The Georgia Public Works and Contractor Protection Act (Sen. Judson Hill) was designed to create clear, meaningful consequences for local governments and their contractors who ignore existing laws on illegal labor, use of E-Verify and giving Public Benefits to illegal aliens…including business licenses.

Having failed to completely kill HB 1164 and SB 460 in the committee process, the powers that really run Georgia and who are addicted to the endless supply of illegal labor right now streaming over our borders convinced Speaker Ralston and Lt. Governor Cagle to refuse to allow either bill to get out of the respective Rules committee to get a floor vote by the entire House and Senate.

This despite many hundreds of your phone calls and emails urging otherwise. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK. WE ARE AMERICA.

Thank you for you efforts. On these bills, we have been beat by the fact that the business community has bid higher than the Georgia voter. Ralston and Cagle have sold us out in a silent auction.

We have several Resolutions opposing another amnesty. We’ll see if these are allowed to go forward.

SB 385 and SB 136 are still alive as I type. These bills are aimed at the illegal aliens themselves and will likely pass. Watch for news on one more bill.

Bills aimed at forcing well-connected local governments and contractors/employers in Georgia to obey existing federal and state immigration and employment laws will never pass while we allow Ralston and Cagle to be in charge of our legislature


I was in the Capitol every day since they began session in January and until midnight Friday. I watched all of this unfold. So did the reporters who will likely never let you see this in ‚Äúthe news.‚ÄĚ

Round up of bills HERE.



If we ever forget this or let these men excuse or fabricate their way out of this, we deserve what we get. I will never forget. Casey Cagle and David Ralston have granted amnesty to all criminal employers, corrupt local governments and illegal aliens in Georgia.

We have been betrayed by our government…again.