March 31, 2010

“They could be here, kill me, and be back in Mexico five minutes after I’m dead”

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Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review — March 31

“They could be here, kill me, and be back in Mexico five minutes after I’m dead.”

– (Channel 12 News, Phoenix – 3/30/10 – Watch VIDEO HERE)

Many ranchers will be cautious

Bisbee — People who live and work along the U.S.-Mexican border in Cochise County plan to be more cautious as a result of the shooting death of a rancher near Douglas over the weekend. […]
Glenn Spencer, who owns property across the river from Odle, said he is “taking extra precautions.” He did not want to elaborate, except to say that “we are deploying some additional technology.” […]

Spencer, who is president of American Border Patrol, a nongovernmental organization, said when he heard the shooter might have acted alone, he figured it is possible that person went to pick up something when he crossed paths with Krentz. The group has video footage of people burying items, possibly drugs or money, on the Roger Barnett ranch, he added.

“It is my theory that the violence in Mexico is being precipitated by increased border enforcement and they are fighting each other over a diminishing pie. Each drug load or each stash of money becomes even more important,” said Spencer.

“Since they are killing each other over these things without hesitation, it isn’t surprising that if somebody’s load or something else is threatened that they have reached a point where there are going to drop the unwritten law about not killing gringos. If that is the case, then we have serious trouble,” he said.