December 4, 2017

We think this is close to what Karen Handel meant when she told us we need to “improve the reliability of temporary visa programs and create a viable guest worker program” – Guest worker bill will put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work

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“Which invites the question: Why would any member of Congress support a bill that would destroy American jobs, exploit foreign workers, and endanger our food supply? It may be possible to craft worse legislation, but it would be difficult.”


Rep Karen Handel’s campaign blurb on immigration,

True national security means securing our borders.  The current immigration system is broken, and we MUST fix it. We need to build a wall along our southern border, demand immigration laws be enforced, improve the reliability of temporary visa programs, and create a viable guest worker program. While I understand and appreciate that we are a nation of immigrants, and believe we should be welcoming of those wish to migrate to our great country, we are also a nation of laws, and our laws must be respected. HERE. “

“The Agricultural Guestworker Act would flood the meat processing and agricultural sectors with hundreds of thousands of untrained visa holders. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall”


Washington Examiner
December 4, 2017

Mark Perrone

Guest worker bill will put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work

When the Carrier Corporation announced it would be closing its furnace factory in Indianapolis, a decision that would have destroyed close to 1,000 middle class jobs in the U.S., there was widespread outrage from political leaders from both parties.

But when the House Judiciary Committee narrowly passed H.R. 4092 — the Agricultural Guestworker Act this fall, a bill that would flood the meat processing and agricultural sectors with hundreds of thousands of untrained visa holders — there was mostly silence on both sides of the aisle.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Ep10: ‘I Don’t Think We’re the Right Investors’
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At Carrier, it was about 1,000 jobs. With the AGA, it’s hundreds of thousands. If we care about American jobs and food safety, it’s time to pay attention to this bill before it’s too late.

The AGA is a direct threat to America’s hard-working families, the incomes they depend on, and the food we all eat. This is not hyperbole. If the AGA becomes law, it will allow 450,000 foreign visa holders to work in agricultural and meat processing jobs that are currently held by hard-working American men and women. The impact of this bill, particularly upon the hundreds of thousands of people employed by the meat and poultry industry, would be devastating.

This bad bill does more than just hurt American jobs and workers — it also puts our food supply at risk. While we may not see food processing workers do their jobs, the truth is that they are highly trained professionals who perform dangerous and highly skilled work. These professionals serve as a much-needed layer of protection for consumers when it comes to food safety because they know to quickly spot meat that is low quality or diseased.

Like any high skilled and vital profession, current salaries reflect the quality and importance of this workforce, with wages as high as $23 per hour. By allowing untrained workers or guest workers to hold these important jobs for as little as $10.88 per hour, the AGA will effectively drive down wages and destroy hundreds of thousands of good jobs in the process.

Make no mistake, this bill creates a guest worker system that will turn middle-class jobs vital to food safety into jobs that are temporary, untrained, and unskilled. Even worse, it would exploit these guest workers by placing them at grave risk by taking jobs that require them to use sharp knives in a fast-paced environment with little to no training.

At a time when we need to strengthen American jobs and make our food safer, the AGA would also allow guest workers to stay for up to three years. That isn’t a guest-worker, that’s a long-term employee and further shows how this bill is designed to both exploit foreign workers and replace American workers at the same time.

There’s no denying that our immigration system is broken. We need structural reforms to our employment-based visa system that will protect foreign workers and immigrants. We also need immigration laws that protect American workers. But the AGA will only make a failing system even more flawed… MORE HERE

September 6, 2017

Georgia Rep. Opposes birthright citizenship and amnesty! Karen Handel in a telephone townhall as reported by AJC

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U.S. Rep Karen Handel = photo,


We are guessing she also loves apple pie. And that this comforts many of her voters.


From the AJC Political Insider blog September 1, 2017.

“U.S. Rep. Karen Handel, R-Roswell , told constituents listening on a “telephone town hall” Wednesday night that she opposes birthright citizenship that courts have long held is conferred by the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “I think on immigration we have to move forward in a stepwise way. I do not support birthright citizenship, No. 1. No. 2, I’m not supportive of amnesty,” Handel said during a telephone town hall on Wednesday night.


August 29, 2017

Karen Handel’s immigration blurb on her campaign website before she was elected to congress

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True national security means securing our borders. The current immigration system is broken, and we MUST fix it. We need to build a wall along our southern border, demand immigration laws be enforced, improve the reliability of temporary visa programs, and create a viable guest worker program. While I understand and appreciate that we are a nation of immigrants, and believe we should be welcoming of those wish to migrate to our great country, we are also a nation of laws, and our laws must be respected.” HERE 

June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 8:59 AM – Karen Handel campaign radio ad, paid for by Karen Handel for Congress Inc. Johnny Isakson speaking. (listen carefully for mention of immigration)

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Photo: Patch



June 15, 2017

Georgia 6 campaign ad for Republican Karen Handel paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson VIDEO (listen carefully for immigration point)

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February 26, 2017

The survey says: Candidate Karen Handel hopes you won’t regard immigration as an “issue that matters most” in the special election for Georgia’s 6th district

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Can’t we all just focus on issues the liberal AJC approves of?

It looks like Karen Handel wants me to pick which issues matter most to me and my family. And that she is wishing and hoping that nobody in our district picks border security and immigration or any related topic. She doesn’t even include it in her suggestions for issues that matter. Come to think of it, her survey looks a lot like the immigration-free polls Dr. Tom Price ran in his final years in congress.

The concept that Republican politicians in Georgia were emboldened by the success of President Trump’s campaign focused on immigration and American jobs and wages is proven upside-down wrong on a daily basis. Moans of  “I am worried my foreign-born constituents won’t like that bill” can often be be heard in the state Capitol from Republican lawmakers. Left off are the very real concerns that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce will not approve.

Legislation that would protect and preserve English as our common language, stop the issuance of drivers licenses to illegal aliens, even a life-saving bill that would require GBI to share information it is already receiving on the release of criminal aliens to the streets of Georgia are kept at arms length by many “conservative” state legislators.

Georgia suffers more illegal aliens than Arizona. Americans are being killed on a near daily basis by criminal aliens. Now, with immigration and our borders in “the news” literally everyday for more than a year, we see that it is apparently untouchable for at least one candidate for congress from Georgia’s 6th district.

Below is the contents of an email from the Karen Handle campaign.

Note: Candidate Handel wants to hear from you “as soon as possible.” 


From  Karen Handel in today’s email:


“Fellow Conservative,

I need your help.

Our team put together a brief district survey to determine what issues matter most to you and your family, and I’d like you to give me your input as soon as possible.

This election is so very important, and the choices we make will determine the kind of country we want our children and grandchildren to live in.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some incredible people in our community and learn what they wanted to see happen in Congress, and now I want to hear from you. What issues are most important to you this election?

It’s so important that I hear from you today. I hope you will take a moment to complete this brief survey:


Karen Handel”


District Survey

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It is important that we come together as a community to make our voices heard in Washington. With your help, I will fight for the causes that unite us.


Should we do more to tackle the National Debt?
No Opinion

Would you like to see ObamaCare replaced with a sustainable, consumer focused solution?
No Opinion

Should Congress take steps to reform MediCare and Social Security to ensure their sustainability for future generations?
No Opinion

Should the Federal Government raise taxes to pay for more spending measures?
No Opinion

Does America need to reform its tax code and regulatory structure to stay competitive in the 21st century?
No Opinion

Do you support reforming our higher education system to better prepare our students for the jobs and opportunities of the 21st century?
No Opinion

Should Congress take action to lower the corporate tax rate, which is currently the highest in the industrialized world?
No Opinion

Do you support giving the President the authority to negotiate international trade deals with oversight from Congress?
No Opinion

What are the most important issues for Karen to focus on?
Reforming Obamacare
Ensuring a strong national defense
Increasing economic opportunity for all
Growing our economy and creating jobs
Marriage Equality
Reducing the size of the Federal Government
Balancing the budget
Opposing out of control regulations
Education reform
Do you have any further feedback for Karen?

April 29, 2014

Inmans with Senate candate Karen Handel and AZ Gov. Brewer

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Billy and Kathy Inman with Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Karen Handel and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, April 28, 2014. Governor Brewer has endorsed Karen in the race for Senate seat. Georgia’s primary is May.

Inmans with AZ Gov. Brewer

January 17, 2018

D.A. King in the Macon Telegraph: By not demanding accountability, some Georgians getting the government they deserve

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Georgia Republicans in no hurry to end immigration stand-off

As an independent, conservative voter and a longtime pro-enforcement immigration researcher, it is stunning to watch the Republican faithful in Georgia remain silent on the lack of action and outright contempt shown them by many of the people they sent to Washington.

As just one example is the fact that no Georgia Republican has co-sponsored federal legislation aimed at real change in the American immigration system and settling the bizarre Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty for illegal aliens affair.

Authored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, H.R. 4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, is complete and comprehensive. The bill in an outline would:

▪ Eliminate the Visa Lottery green card program.

▪ Eliminate chain migration and create a renewable temporary visa for parents of citizens to unite families at no cost to taxpayers.

▪ Reduce legal immigration levels by about 260,000 a year – a decrease of about 25 percent.

▪ Reforms the agricultural guest worker program.

▪ Sends additional Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to more high-risk embassies overseas to vet visitors and immigrants.

▪ Provide additional technology, roads and other tactical infrastructure to secure the border.

▪ Add 5,000 Border Patrol Agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Protection Officers.

▪ Require full implementation of the biometric entry/exit system at all air, land and sea ports of entry.

▪ Makes E-Verify mandatory for all employers.

▪ Authorizes the Department of Justice to withhold law enforcement grants from sanctuary cities.

▪ Allows Department of Homeland Security to detain dangerous illegal immigrants who cannot be removed.

▪ Reduces asylum fraud by tightening the “credible fear” standard to root out frivolous claims and increases penalties for fraud and terminates asylum for individuals who voluntarily return home.

▪ Grants legalization to DACA recipients by issuing a 3-year renewable visa with work permit.

photo: DIS

It is amazing that conservative Republicans are not burning up the U.S. Capitol phone lines on this common sense protection of American workers and solution to the lack of sanity in our immigration system.

Another example? The United States has no official language.

Introduced in March 2017, the English Unity Act (H.R. 997) will make English our official national language. The bill has no Democratic sponsors from Georgia and as of January 16, according to Congress.Gov, Republican members of the House, Tom Graves, Karen Handel, Austin Scott and Rob Woodall, have joined the Dems in not supporting the official English bill.

Voters who are too timid to demand accountability from the people they hire to represent them surely have to accept that they have the government they deserve.

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society.

Read more here: 

January 15, 2018

Which Georgia Republican House members in Washington have not yet co-signed official English legislation? The English Unity Act of 2017, HR997 was introduced last March

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Are these GOP members of congress from Georgia anti-English? Maybe ask them?   –> HR997 here.

And a thought: Would you vote for a candidate that boasts of not supporting English as the official language of these United States as a campaign promise?

Contact info for the Republicans:

Rep Tom Graves

Rep Karen Handel

Rep Austin Scott

Rep. Rob Woodall




April 28, 2017

Georgia’s Sixth District special election: American workers and immigration enforcement not a priority

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Georgia’s Sixth District election: American workers and immigration enforcement not a priority

Victory Girls blog


Candidates have apparent similar positions: It doesn’t look good for immigration enforcement in Georgia’s special election


Unsurprisingly, national attention being given the tight special election here in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District to replace Dr. Tom Price has so far overlooked the immigration issue.

Some insight on Republican candidate Karen Handel now may save some surprised disappointment from immigration skeptics when the June 20 runoff is over. While it is mostly ignored by the GOP faithful in Georgia – where we host more illegal aliens than Arizona – Republican candidate Karen Handel’s position is much closer to Paul Ryan than to Steve King.

Shorter: So far, she’s a squish.

Handel’s opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff, working on a campaign budget surpassing $8 million and counting, has predictably, but quietly, taken the standard pro-amnesty position one would expect. “The only real solution is comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders and provides a path to legal status for non-felons who are here without proper legal documentation,” Ossoff told the audience at a pre-primary candidate forum covered by the liberal Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper.

At the same event, former Secretary of State Handel offered a similar and decidedly ambiguous statement on legalization that echoes the “yes, immigration and victims of borders are a problem, but we’ll talk about it later…” response so familiar to those tuned in to the Republican House establishment. “These immigrants have come to our country and blatantly disregarded our laws,” she said. “We cannot, we should not reward that. No amnesty. No ability to vote. Get those borders secure and then deal with that situation. I’m not prepared to talk about hypothetical.”

The “path to legal status” from Ossoff and Handel’s “no ability to vote” is notable in that it sounds like both may be getting some experienced guidance from the “it’s not amnesty if they don’t immediately become Democrat voters” incremental-path-to-citizenship faction of the Gang of Eight crowd. It is easy to imagine the marches protesting “second class citizenship!” and “no taxation without representation!” that would quickly follow passage of a non-citizenship amnesty.

On the “issues” page of her campaign website, Handel has a paragraph on immigration that omits any mention of E-Verify but supports the promised Trump border wall and improving the “reliability of temporary visas.” But it seems that she is on the side of the Chamber of Commerce regarding the beleaguered American workers. She is actually campaigning on creating “a viable guest worker program” and assures us she believes “we should be welcoming of those who wish to migrate to our great country.” Handel doesn’t say how many wishful migrants we should welcome – maybe all of them? BTW: “The current immigration system is broken.” Sound familiar?

Recently endorsed by the Georgia and U.S. Chambers of Commerce, Handel, former CEO of metro-Atlanta’s North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, has a much more detailed section on her website when it comes to “Jobs and the Economy.” There is no mention of E-Verify there either, but we do get this: “I believe that the only way we can grow our economy at a more robust pace is through lower taxes and fewer regulations.”

Along with Georgia’s corporate-funded anti-enforcement GALEO and the ACLU, the Georgia Chamber actively opposed 2011 state level E-Verify legislation. The U.S. Chamber joined La Raza, the SPLC, and a host of open borders, identity politics groups in unsuccessfully challenging Arizona’s 2007 immigration crackdown in the Supreme Court.

Handel, who has raised more than a million dollars since the April 18 non-partisan primary, declined to respond to the NumbersUSA candidate survey on immigration and mailed out an issues survey of her own asking 6th district voters what the issues were – without any mention of immigration.

We have actually heard GOP voters express the hope that if she is successful in replacing now HHS Secretary Tom Price and the Republicans keep the now purple 6th District, Handel will move to the right and adopt a more pro-American worker and beneficial immigration policy position after she is sworn in.

Maybe President Trump asked her about that while he was here in Atlanta for a Handel fundraiser Friday.

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