December 15, 2017

Associated Press and WSB-TV News: Yet another example of fake news through false headlines and disrespect for real immigrants

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They mean illegal aliens…immigrants are legal and can already get health care coverage.

California lawmakers propose health coverage for immigrants
By: JONATHAN J. COOPER, Associated Press

Updated: Dec 14, 2017 – 12:49 PM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California, flush with cash from an expanding economy, would eventually spend $1 billion a year to provide health care to immigrants living in the state illegally under a proposal announced Wednesday by Democratic lawmakers.

The proposal would eliminate legal residency requirements in California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, as the state has already done for young people up to age 19.

It’s part of $4.3 billion in new spending proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat who leads the budget committee. Assembly Democrats also want to expand a tax credit for the working poor, boost preschool and child care, and increase college scholarships to reduce reliance on student loans.

They also would commit $3.2 billion more than required to state budget reserves.

The proposal marks the Assembly’s opening volley in six months of budget negotiations with the Senate and Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who has been reluctant to commit to new ongoing spending on social services.

California has significantly reduced its rate of uninsured people since former President Barack Obama’s health care law took effect, but about 7 percent of residents still lack coverage. Many are people living in the country illegally, who are ineligible for U.S.-funded health care assistance.

While federal funds cover at least half – and as much 95 percent – of the cost for citizens and legal U.S. residents on Medi-Cal, the state would have to pick up the cost on its own for people living here illegally.

Expanding access to health care has been a contentious issue for California lawmakers, who targeted last year by protests from liberal activists who want the Legislature to provide state-funded coverage to everyone, regardless of immigration status… HERE

Amnesty and chain migration – a picture is worth a thousand words (click on image to enlarge)

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December 14, 2017

Mock-up of a replacement Georgia driver card for illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation or who have already been ordered deported

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Homeland Security chief lauds Texas ‘sanctuary cities’ ban

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Photo: CAPS



Homeland Security chief lauds Texas ‘sanctuary cities’ ban

Dec 12, 2017,

New U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen harshly criticized so-called “sanctuary cities” late Tuesday, urging the rest of the nation to emulate Texas’ tough law banning them.

President Donald Trump’s former deputy White House chief of staff, Nielsen was confirmed by the Senate last week. She wasted little time visiting Austin, where Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez once promised not to comply with some “detainers,” or federal requests to hold for possible deportation people who were already jailed on non-immigration charges.

That helped prompt the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature to approve in May a sanctuary cities crackdown known as SB4, where sheriffs and police chiefs can face removal from office and even criminal charges for failing to fully enforce federal immigration policy. The measure now is being contested in federal court, but Nielsen nonetheless praised Texas for taking a “firm stand against dangerous and destructive sanctuary cities.”

“I hope other states follow this lead,” she said, calling for an elimination of a “shadow society outside the rule of law.”

Choosing to come to Texas to discuss sanctuary cities so soon after taking her post sent a political message. Homeland Security has been leading the charge on implementing Trump’s aggressive immigration agenda, and Nielsen has pledged to continue that.

She was in Baltimore earlier Tuesday with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who said that this week’s attack on the New York City subway system showed in the “starkest terms” that the failures of the U.S. immigration system are a national security issue.

Nielsen told reporters in Austin that years of relaxed federal immigration policy have also endangered police officers, saying “sanctuary cities put law enforcement lives at risk in favor of
criminals who have no right to be in the United States.”

Hernandez, a Democrat, had announced on the day of Trump’s inauguration that Austin jails would only comply with federal requests to hold in jail immigrants suspected of violent crimes — not those being held on the most-common offenses like drunken driving, She cited a need to create trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities.

But Hernandez also announced policy changes after Texas’ sanctuary cities ban was approved.

She was the only Texas law enforcement official to publicly oppose full compliance with federal detainer requests, but the state’s largest cities, including Houston and Dallas, have joined forces in suing to block the law. Opponents argue such crackdowns make combating crime harder since it spreads fear and mistrust among immigrant communities and spooks potential witnesses to crimes from cooperating with police…. MORE HERE

CIS short video education on chain migration – in case the Atlanta Journal Constitution forgets to tell you

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December 12, 2017

Chuck Schumer on illegal immigration and DACA, then and now

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December 11, 2017

FAST FACT: Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year

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Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year 

December 7, 2017

Rasmussen: Voters Reject Steinle Verdict, Favor Punishing ‘Sanctuary’ Lawmakers

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Kate Steinle – photo: National Review


Voters Reject Steinle Verdict, Favor Punishing ‘Sanctuary’ Lawmakers

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Few voters agree with a San Francisco jury’s decision clearing an illegal immigrant repeat criminal of killing 32-year-old Kate Steinle, and there’s sizable support for punishing lawmakers who protect criminal illegals from federal immigration authorities.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 20% of Likely U.S. Voters agree with the jury’s decision that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was not guilty of murder, involuntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. Forty-nine percent (49%) disagree with that verdict, while 31% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)


Bill Torpy: Liberal AJC writer complains (again) about immigration enforcement – but he refuses to talk to Billy and Kathy Inman *UPDATED – Billy and Kathy Inman sent a letter about the below column, the AJC did not publish

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Who was Dustin Inman?

  • Letter below sent November 20, 2017 – it was not published.

Dear editor,

The AJC’s Bill Torpy has apparently chosen the crime of illegal immigration as a pet topic and constantly describes illegal aliens as “immigrants.” He also says illegals are ‘voiceless’ and is clearly against locking them up once they are captured.

 Not for the first time, I urge Mr. Torpy to come OTP to Woodstock and visit with what remains of our American family.

 In 2000, on Father’s Day weekend, an illegal alien killed our only child Dustin Inman and put my wife, Kathy, in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. That person had previous run-ins with Georgia police and was allowed to go free. He is hiding out in Mexico, unpunished, having escaped before local law enforcement could lock him up after killing our son.

 We can tell Mr. Torpy about being voiceless and who we think the victims really are in the illegal immigration mess.

Billy and Kathy Inman
Woodstock, Ga.


Atlanta Journal Constitution
November 20, 2017

Torpy at Large: Too bad Atlanta’s immigration hypocrisy isn’t illegal

Bill Torpy, photo AJC

Earlier this month, Mayor Kasim Reed boasted on his very active Twitter account that his town is immigrant friendly.

“Atlanta is proud to be a welcoming city,” he wrote. “Pleased to be a part of the Safe Cities Network offering legal representation for those individuals facing deportation.”

Fighting for the rights of immigrants is now an important battleground for Dems and progressives. Families are being torn apart through deportation. People who’ve lived and worked here for years suddenly disappear one day into a murky system that affords them few rights. And it’s President Donald Trump’s pet issue!

From a liberal standpoint, resistance is a noble fight. It’s standing up for the powerless.

So, it might come as a surprise that the city of Atlanta, that beacon of civil rights, that Sanctuary City Lite, is profiting greatly from Señor Trump’s roundup. (As it did from President Barack Obama’s roundup, as well.)

At any given time, the Atlanta City Detention Center in south downtown holds about 250 immigrants waiting to be booted from U.S. soil. The city receives $78 per each detained soul per night from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Multiply those numbers and that human suffering amounts to some real cash… MORE HERE

Immigration enforcement in Georgia via the New York Times: “Please, God, don’t let me get stopped…”

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“An undocumented immigrant’s car as seen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers just before they pulled him over in Norcross, Ga., last month.” Melissa Golden, for the New York Times

New York Times


‘Please, God, Don’t Let Me Get Stopped’: Around Atlanta, No Sanctuary for Immigrants

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — Not many notice when the SUVs arrive.

Around 5 a.m., when the immigration agents pull into the parking lot of the Chamblee Heights apartments, 16 miles from downtown Atlanta, only one person is on the lookout.

Cristina Monteros catches sight of the cars with the telltale tinted windows from her small apartment near the front, where she runs a day care, and calls her downstairs neighbor: ICE is here.

The neighbor dials another, who passes it on. It takes less than 15 minutes for everyone in the complex to hear about “la migra,” whereupon they shut their doors and hold their breath. Some show up late to work, and others skip it altogether. The school bus might leave some children behind.

“It’s just us helping each other out,” said Ms. Monteros, 35. “There’s fear every day.”

Few places in the United States have simultaneously beckoned undocumented immigrants and penalized them for coming like metropolitan Atlanta, a boomtown of construction and service jobs where conservative politics and new national policies have turned every waking day into a gamble.

President Trump has declared anyone living in the country illegally a target for arrest and deportation, driving up the number of immigration arrests by more than 40 percent this year. While the Obama administration deported record numbers of undocumented immigrants, it directed federal agents to focus on arresting serious criminals and recent arrivals. The current administration has erased those guidelines, allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to arrest and deport anyone here illegally… MORE HERE.

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