April 23, 2015

With more illegal aliens than Arizona, how is the courage, outrage level in Republican Georgia in 2015? We’ll see…

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Will the Georgia Republican base speak up?

In 2007, Georgia’s senior U.S. Senator, Saxby Chambliss, was loudly booed at the state Republican convention because of his perceived alliance with the donor/anything-for-a-buck business class on immigration and amnesty. Even the AJC reported on it! Now, eight years later, most Georgia Republican officials – federal and state – are allowed to stay silent as mice on the topic while Georgia’s Republican Governor, Nathan Deal, and GOP state legislature reward illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, state ID cards and unemployment benefits – and ignore Obama’s illegal amnesty. And the press runs “news” on illegal aliens as “victims.”

It will be very educational to see what happens at the Republican state convention in May.

I assume ‘Real Deal’ Deal is speaking? Anybody?…hello?

April 20, 2015

Letter to the editor in the Macon Telegraph from Friday YES to embedding illegals – Americans won’t work!

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Macon Telegraph
April 17, 2015


Illegals driving

I was pleased to read in D.A. King’s Sunday column that our state government: ”is still issuing driver’s licenses, official Georgia ID cards and public benefits to illegal aliens. Also eligibility for public benefits for unemployment compensation.”

It’s time for everyone to realize and accept the reality that our illegals are here and that most are gainfully employed in jobs that most of us don’t want, like roofing, agriculture, construction, etc. We want them to have licenses and be insured.

— Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2015/04/17/3698843_this-is-viewpoints-for-friday.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

April 19, 2015

Letter to the editor today in the Cherokee Tribune from Karen Secandy:Senators need to stand up, be counted

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Senators need to stand up, be counted

April 18, 2015 10:07 PM


I attended the last day of the Georgia General Assembly supporting legislation to stop recipients of amnesties from receiving Georgia drivers’ licenses. Sen. Josh McKoon sponsored it, and explained if the vote were recorded it would probably pass, but he was having trouble obtaining one.

I thought all votes were recorded. I was wrong.

The Georgia Senate has a rule they use so that some of their votes are not recorded.

Called “Rise, Stand, and Be Counted,” it’s not a vote on the bill; it’s a vote on whether when they do vote on the bill, their votes will be recorded.

The senators raise their hands if they are in favor of having an electronically recorded vote that you and I can judge. It only takes six in favor to be recorded.

On the next to last day, the amendment came up, but couldn’t get the six votes needed for a recorded vote and it failed. I’m told that my senator, Brandon Beach, did not raise his hand for a recorded vote that day. He also would not help the original bill, SB6, by co-sponsoring it. So President Obama’s amnesties continue to aid illegal aliens in Georgia.

I also note not a single bill came from the Georgia House this session to deny these invaders Georgia drivers’ licenses. My house representative is Scot Turner.

Our “representatives” see the short-term advantages of obtaining the votes of those financially advantaged by illegal aliens. Meanwhile, our culture and our citizens’ employment opportunities and wages degrade, and illegal aliens continue playing us for saps.

Karen Sacandy


Read more: Cherokee Tribune – Senators need to stand up be counted

D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal today: What’s next for illegals in ‘Georgiafornia’

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Marietta Daily Journal

Sunday, April 19, 2015


What’s next for illegals in “Georgiafornia”

D.A. King



For readers who may have been confused by an (MDJ) editing error last Sunday, the conclusion of the education offered in this space then was essentially that from the Cobb County delegation to the state senate, only Senator Hunter Hill supported a recorded vote on an amendment aimed at ending the current practice of rewarding illegal aliens with Georgia driver’s licenses. The updated version of that column is available on the MDJ website. AND HERE.

A respectful reminder: While there was an effort in the state Senate, no member of the Republican-controlled Georgia House introduced any bill to halt the driver’s licenses reward for illegals in “conservative” Georgia.

That illegal alien reward system here in Georgia, pushed by President Barack Obama, the ACLU, corporate-funded, anti-borders groups, the agriculture lobby and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce on many weak but willing politicians, was described as “California-like.”

Whether my loyal Republican friends want to admit it or not, on capitulating to the crime of illegal immigration and selling out American workers, we are clearly on the road to becoming the California of the east — “Georgiafornia.”

While it will be kept as quiet as possible on “the news,” here is a partial list of what to expect in the not-too-distant future of Republican Georgiafornia:

In-state tuition for illegals in public universities — and we mean all illegals, deferred action on deportation or not — thereby allowing these “victims of borders” to attend University System of Georgia schools at less tuition cost than legal immigrants and less cost than Americans who live in other states. This is already happening all over Obama’s America.

There is already a bill pending in the Georgia Senate aimed at giving in-state tuition to deferred-action illegals in public schools. And it, unlike the original Senate bill to halt driver’s licenses for illegals, has actually had a (Republican-chaired) committee hearing under the Gold Dome.

HOPE Scholarships for illegal aliens. Management at Emory University, a private school and not part of the University System of Georgia, recently demonstrated its enlightenment with an announcement of a scholarship program that puts Americans behind illegal aliens with jackpot DACA (deferred-action) status. It is only a matter of time before the Chamber of Commerce orders the Republicans to slip a bill through the Legislature ordering taxpayer-funded public schools to match the moral superiority of the private colleges. It will “make good business sense.”

Maybe it would see a recorded vote in the state Senate — or maybe not.

Expanding taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens to include Medicaid. All illegals already get no-cost “emergency” care in any U.S. hospital. But a recent proposal in California would offer enrollment in Medi-Cal to illegal aliens. Medi-Cal is that trend-setting state’s health care program for the poor.

Luring more illegals. Like GOP Georgia, Democrat-majority California — the illegal immigration capital of the world — is encouraging even more illegal alien, future Democrat voters to migrate there. We think it must be because they have such a bountiful supply of water and a surplus in their state budget.

Legally present non-citizens — and then illegal aliensvoting in state and local elections. The push for this has been on for years and is now at a tipping point in New York and other oh-so-advanced states. Just behind the grand prize and ultimate objective of officially open borders, this is the trophy that makes the illegal alien lobby swoon.

Illegal alien police officers. Yep, that is happening right now in these United States. Obama’s deferred deportation illegals are being hired in Chicago as law enforcement officers. Remember, “fundamental transformation” is what we were promised.

llegal alien teachers. Another transformation already happening right now in Colorado.

The stated reason for hiring illegal alien teachers is the need for foreign language-speaking teachers to deal with the exploding number of non-English speaking students. Most of who came here illegally.

Colorado officials say the illegal alien teachers offer outlooks and knowledge “similar to the experiences of many of our students.”

Illegal alien lawyers. Illegal aliens can and do already apply for and receive professional licenses in the Peach State. Coming soon to anything-for-a-buck Georgia, just like in today’s California, you will eventually see illegal aliens practicing law.

When put in place, these are laws that would be enforced.

It is easy to imagine loyal GOP readers shaking their heads in denial and murmuring “this cannot happen here.”

Really? Think back 10 years and try to imagine a majority Republican state government allowing illegal aliens to embed here with the de facto national ID — a driver’s license.

D.A. King of Marietta heads The Dustin Inman Society.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – What s next for illegals in Georgiafornia

April 18, 2015

Tax Day amnesty propaganda and a letter to the editor with info unlikely to see print in the AJC – or Peach Pundit

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I sent the below letter to the editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday when I saw their news on the report linked below.

This is not the kind of information they are looking for. Chances of publication? Slim and none.

Report: Deportation deferral programs could boost Georgia tax revenues

Dear editor,

The AJC report on the tax-day release of a report making the worn-out claim that amnesty for illegal aliens somehow would result in higher tax revenues left out a few notable details.

Most illegals are here because they work for lower wages than Americans need to live that vanishing American Dream. Low-wage workers qualify for income tax credits, not payments. Even without legalization, illegal aliens are already able to pay income taxes by using the Individual Tax Identification Number – but most of the ITINs issued do not result in tax payments, and many result in claims for Child Tax Credits from the IRS. From illegal aliens.

Example? A 2011 U.S. IG report stated that “more than 2.3 million persons who did not have Social Security numbers valid for working in the U.S. got an average of roughly $1,800 each in 2010 in child tax credit refunds. That included 9,000 illegal immigrants who each got a total of $10,000 or more by retroactively claiming credits for tax years prior to 2010.”

We look forward to the AJC coverage of this insanity.

If we are to ignore all of this, let’s all just skip to the end of the agenda manual and gush that officially open borders and the free flow of people would result in more people paying taxes. Presto, problem solved! Right?

D.A. King

Marietta, Ga.

President, the Dustin Inman Society



April 16, 2015

My Sunday column in the Marietta Daily Journal: By an unrecorded vote: Georgia Senate OKs driver’s licenses to illegal aliens

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Note: A version of this commentary also ran in the Cherokee Tribune, the Macon Telegraph, the St. Simons Island Islander and four other local papers in rural South Georgia.

Marietta Daily Journal


By an unrecorded vote: Georgia Senate OKs driver’s licenses to illegal aliens
by D.A. King
April 11, 2015 10:13 PM

With the 2015 Georgia General assembly now in the rear-view mirror, conservative voters may want to bypass the proclamations of the newspapers in Dunwoody and decide for themselves about the “winners and losers.”

Republican-controlled Georgia is still issuing driver’s licenses, official Georgia ID cards and public benefits to illegal aliens. Those benefits include eligibility for unemployment compensation.

Currently, the number of Georgia illegals enjoying these rewards is well north of 15,000, with that number predicted to swell by about another 200,000 if the now imperiled 26-state lawsuit against Obama’s second executive amnesty fails.

Intended to end this wildly liberal, California-like and hushed-up practice, Senate Bill 6, offered by state Senator Josh McKoon, was never even allowed a hearing in a committee in the super-majority Republican state Senate. And it was never listed as “important legislation” by the agenda-setting Georgia media.

But with a “Plan B” action in a floor amendment offered by McKoon, language from SB 6 that would have ended the practice of rewarding any illegal aliens with a Georgia driver’s license did see a vote in the senate.

Readers would do well to take an interest in the un-reported details of that vote.

McKoon’s surprise amendment created no small amount of commotion and panic in the senate chamber, because if some quick action was not taken, the Republicans who had assured their constituents for years that they were against drivers licenses for illegal aliens would have to actually vote to stop that practice. News tip: There was as much or more pressure exerted on senators to kill SB 6 as there was to pass the $ 1billion dollar transportation tax increase.

In the end, and on orders from the people who really run Georgia, the Georgia Senate defeated the McKoon amendment by a vote of 27-16. Did I mention that the Republicans have a super majority in the state Senate?

Don’t rush to the General assembly website to see how your own senator voted. There is no record. Because the process of that vote and its result are yet another example of the shameless and defiant contempt that many, if not most, current state legislators hold for the voters who elect them as public servants.

Understand this: The vote on McKoon’s amendment was intentionally conducted in a way such that there is no official record of how any senator voted. It was done with an off-the-vote-tally-machine, un-recorded, raise your hand vote while several senators scrambled around the chamber to avoid the video cameras that record each day’s chamber events. See my MDJ blog space for a link to the video.

To re-state it as simply as possible, the Republican-controlled Georgia Senate killed an amendment to stop illegal aliens from getting a driver’s license by holding an unrecorded raise-your-hand-vote on whether or not to have an unrecorded raise-your-hand-vote. Unrecorded won. We the people lost.

This reluctant denizen of Capitol was there and watched this entire display of just how high the contempt factor has risen under the Gold Dome.

When McKoon introduced his amendment, he also made a motion to have the vote on adding it to the bill in question conducted on the vote tally machine. By Senate rules that motion must be quickly supported by at least five more senators. Of a total of 56 state Senators – thirty-eight of whom are Republicans – only four would defy the real government of Georgia and back McKoon on getting a public, recorded, machine- counted vote.

Confused? That is the intent of the entire maneuver.

It has been stated in this space before that stopping an on-the-record senate vote concerning illegal immigration was and is an ultra-high priority. The event described above represent a very close call for senators who even now will claim to be conservative and pro-enforcement on immigration.

I leave it up to the reader to judge various degrees of deception on the part of these elected servants. But my own view involves my district’s state Senator, Judson Hill (R). Hill stalled for weeks on co-sponsoring SB 6. After finally being cajoled into signing on, he was not one of the four senators who supported McKoon in the failed attempt for a recorded vote on the amendment.

Because of the danger of constituents remembering any of this, a recorded vote would likely have resulted in approval of the amendment.

There were no Democrats who voted for a recorded vote on the McKoon amendment or for the amendment itself.

I know what readers must be asking themselves. How did my own Republican senator vote on the recorded vote motion?

From the Cobb delegation to the state Senate, only Senator Hunter Hill raised his hand in favor of a recorded vote on the McKoon amendment.

Winners and losers anyone?  (An update from  the following week can be read HERE)

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society. He is not a member of any political party.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – By an unrecorded vote Georgia Senate OKs driver s licenses to illegal aliens

Tuesday letter to the editor from John Litland:Public should be outraged over driver’s licenses for illegals

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Public should be outraged over driver’s licenses for illegals
April 13, 2015


I read D.A. King’s very informative column Sunday with great interest and even more disgust. No matter what side of the illegal immigration crisis we are on, all of us should be outraged to the point of demanding and expediting change in the system if there currently is a way for state legislators to ever vote, on anything, by an unrecorded vote.

I see King reports on his website that all state senators from Cobb except Hunter Hill declined to support a recorded vote on whether Georgia will continue to issue drivers licenses to illegals. Thank you, Hunter Hill!

Unrecorded votes to give illegals a driver’s license is not “conservative.” But giving driver’s license to them is very helpful to the business owners who hire the “cheap labor” while millions of Americans go jobless.

The nauseating fact that there are ways to bypass accountability and transparency on any vote under the Gold Dome, and that we find out that all but one of our state senators from Cobb hide behind that tool should serve as a wakeup call to all Republican voters. I don’t think the Dems mind one bit.

Stated a different way, Republicans Judson Hill, Lindsey Tippins and Bruce Thompson voted with the Democrats to have a vote on driver’s licenses arranged so that we have no official record of how they voted. That nauseating scenario would have gone unnoted if not for D.A. King. Thank you, Mr. King!

Note to the Cobb GOP clubhouse: There is an election next year. And hope for change.

John Litland


Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Public should be outraged over driver s licenses for illegals

Letter to the editor in yesterday’s Marietta Daily Journal from Melissa B. Anderson:Republicans in Senate acted like cowards on illegal immigration

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Republicans in Senate acted like cowards on illegal immigration
April 14, 2015


Non-vulgar words mostly cannot express the disgust and sense of betrayal I, and probably a slew of other Georgians, feel about allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses! Also access to public benefits and unemployment. Outrageous! Insane! Is it now possible said group will be allowed to VOTE even if they can’t speak English??!!!

After reading D. A King’s article in Sunday’s MDJ, I am severely castigating the Georgia Senate for their cowardly way of dealing with these interrelated issues. Making sure that those responsible in a Senate dominated with Republicans could not be held accountable seems slimy.

What a bunch of liars to promise that pro-enforcement of immigration laws would be a priority and then making us look like fools to believe them!

Are the “undocumented” that badly needed to help complete the $1-plus billion transportation projects approved by the Legislature? Do we really need to encourage illegal activity in our communities just to pander to special interests? Yes, the questions are redundant, but the repercussions will be more obvious.

Melissa B. Anderson


Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Republicans in Senate acted like cowards on illegal immigration

Letter to the editor published in the Marietta Daily Journal today from my state Senator, Judson Hill

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Letter to the editor published in the Marietta Daily Journal today

“Senator answers: Maybe all votes weren’t counted”

A few days ago an MDJ columnist called me out alleging I did not support a procedural request for a roll call vote on a bill with a provision related to separate bill, Senate Bill 6. I am a co-sponsor of SB 6, not a reluctant co-sponsor, as he alleged.
The hands went up to request a roll call, or a recorded vote on a proposed amendment, and perhaps all hands were not all counted. The lieutenant governor moved on.
Hand and voice votes are common parliamentary practice and authorized in perhaps every legislature in the country as well as at the national level to speed along debate.
Sen. Judson Hill
East Cobb

April 14, 2015

It looks like Sam Olens is saying that another amnesty (I mean “pass an immigration bill”) would be better that stopping Obama amnesty in court

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“I would firmly expect that one to two years from now this case will be in the U.S. Supreme Court,” Olens said, adding: “This could easily take two years. Wouldn’t it be smarter for Congress and the president to pass [an immigration] bill in that time frame?” HERE from Sam Olens via the (elated) AJC

Sam wants to be governor.


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