October 8, 2015

My letter of thanks to Lt. Col. Arch Kielly, North Georgia University educator

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D.A. King

Marietta, Ga. 30066

6 October 2015

Lt. Col. Archibald Kielly (Retired)
Political Science Dept.
University of North Georgia
82 College Cir,
Dahlonega, GA 30597

Dear Arch,

It was a great pleasure speaking to your government class last week on the topic of immigration into the United States and the birthright citizenship debate. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and genuinely enjoyed the interaction with and questions from the student audience. Thank you for the invitation.

My experience with your students widened my perspective on American youth and I gained an education of my own in fielding their very intelligent and honest questions. I hope that I was able to provide some previously unknown facts surrounding the immigration topic to the students and am elated to learn that you have considered me for a repeat speaker. I am happy to help at anytime.

I ask that you convey my thanks and respect to the entire class and audience and to express my hope that they will endeavor to explore the immigration issue on their own using the references I provided, without accepting the limited information offered by the mainstream media as the “whole story” on the immigration debate. I also hope that my message that being “pro-enforcement” on borders, visas and sensible immigration in general is recognized by all concerned as the moderate and commonsense way to view and judge our national immigration system.

From watching, it was clear to me the concerned care and professional expertise you use in the education of your class and I believe they are all the better for having you as their instructor. We need more educators like you.

Please share this note of thanks to your class if that is appropriate and convey my gratitude for the kind attention the students gave me in my presentation. Again, I enjoyed it very much.


D.A. King

D.A. King speaks to Political Science/Government class at the University of North Georgia – illegal alien lobby freaked

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UNG Vanguard, student newspaper

October, 6, 2015

Pro-Enforcement Activist delivers immigration speech

“Someone has got to be the adult in the room, so to speak, and do what is best for your country.”

These are the words that D.A. King charged the audience with Thursday Oct. 1, while delivering a talk on immigration.

King was the second speaker in the immigration series, arranged by political science lecturer Archibald Kielly.

King began his speech by saying that just over one million legal immigrants enter the United States every year and noted that his sister was adopted from South Korea.

King is pro-immigration law enforcement and believes the well-being of America should be the number one concern, when looking at the number of immigrants we take in each year. He also said America should set sustainable and logical levels of immigration numbers, which will benefit citizens of the United States.

“We are not helping ourselves as a country if we bring in more than it takes to sustain the American dream,” King said.

King offered some numbers on immigration and the workforce collected by the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Department. Every year in the United States, four million people turn 18 and just over two million immigrants and guest workers enter the American workforce, according to the center’s numbers. King said that there is no data on how many illegal immigrants enter the country annually.

These numbers eliminate the argument that our workforce couldn’t get by without illegal immigration, King said.

King referenced the $10 head of lettuce analogy, which explains without illegal immigrant labor, something as simple as a head of lettuce would cost consumers ten dollars.

“This simply is not true. Less than 10 percent at retail price is cost of labor,” King said.

King offered an interesting perspective on the Syrian refugee crisis, and said he recently spoke on the phone with a friend who lives in the Black Forest in Germany and fears the refugees.

The European Union has an open border policy and anyone is welcome to immigrate to the first EU country that they come upon, King said. These individuals aren’t merely seeking refuge—they are going to the countries “with the most giveaways,” King said.

King also said that the words immigrant and refugee are not synonymous and the word refugee is “a word so abused it has no meaning.”

King continued and shared his belief that failing to enforce immigration laws will result in acts of terrorism.

“It is merely a matter of time before an act of terror results from not enforcing our laws,” King said.

King is the president of the Dustin Inman Society. The society was named for Inman, a 16-year-old Georgia resident who was killed in a car crash in Ellijay, Georgia on June 16, 2000. The driver of the car which struck the Inman family vehicle was living in the country illegally.

The first speaker in the series, Arturo Corso, opted for an open discussion format, leaning toward sympathy for the immigrants’ side. Corso concluded his discussion by telling students a few things about King. King spent the first few minutes of his speech addressing Corso comments.

King said that allegations made about him being a member of a hate group are untrue, while claims that he is a felon are true. In 1977, King pled guilty to illegal gambling. He was betting on football games, paid a $3,000 fine and spent two years on probation for the crime.

King then placed an enlargement of his certificate of honorable discharge on a tripod for the audience to see.

“There are no words to discuss the anger [and] disgust I feel over [Corso] telling a room of young people that I was dishonorably discharged,” King said.

October 6, 2015


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October 5, 2015

More Georgia state legislator’s signatures on letters of opposition to confirmation of GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge

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Good news for pro-enforcement Americans! More state legislators appeal to our U.S. senators: “NO! to Dax Lopez!”

More Republican Georgia state legislator’s added to the list of letter-writers urging Georgia’s U.S. Senators to take action to insure that anti-enforcement GALEO’s recently resigned board member, Dax Lopez, does not see confirmation as a federal judge.

We are informed that state senators, Marty Harbin, Steve Gooch, Rene Unterman, Mike Crane, Josh McKoon and Bill Heath were proud co-signers on the letter linked HERE by state Senator William Ligon. Note that several of them also sent different letters from their own offices as well.

State Rep Katie Dempsey tells me she sent letters of opposition to both U.S. senators, but “did not keep a copy” to forward here. And Rep. Clay Pirkle has explained to one of his constituents that he also sent letters against confirmation of Dax Lopez, but is unwilling to provide a copy for public posting. Representative Dustin Hightower also sent a letter, but did not reply to a request for a copy for public posting.

We are assured there are more letters being drafted.

Note: We are grateful to Insider Advantage Georgia for assuming credit for the work involved in organizing resistance to the Dax Lopez nomination and “collecting letters”…it is very educational – and memorable.

September 30, 2015

American Pro-enforcement Immigration Dictionary: “Corso-Facts”

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American Pro-Enforcement Immigration Dictionary


Top definition:

Corso-Facts are any statement of “fact” or intentional malicious defamation that Gainesville, Georgia’s anti-enforcement and apparently anything-for-a-buck immigration lawyer, Arturo Corso , says are “facts” when he wants or needs them to be “facts” – even when they are demonstrably false.

See also: “Bullshit,” and “Integrity-free.”

THE ILLEGAL ALIEN LOBBY: Introducing Georgia’s deep thinker, Arturo Corso – and “Corso-Facts”

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Arturo Corso

Introducing immigration lawyer Arturo Corso of Gainesville Georgia

First in a series and part of my sooner-or-later book.

By any definition, Gainesville’s village thinker, Arturo Corso, is part of Georgia’s vast illegal alien lobby. A reminder: According to DHS, Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona, who are the stock in trade for immigration lawyers like Corso.

To get readers started on the character, intent and accuracy of Arturo Corso, let’s take a look back to 2011 when the Georgia General Assembly was considering the internationally media-covered HB 87, a bill that eventually became law and was designed to protect jobs, wages, benefits and services from the crimes of illegal empllyment and illegal immigration.

Corso testified before an all Democrat legislative hearing designed to collect exactly the nonsense testimony Corso and other anti-enforcement activists went on to offer. Corso’s testimony included the “Corso-Fact” that in the one million legal immigrants per year the U.S. takes in, there is no avenue for citizens of Mexico to enter the USA legally:

“There have been frequent calls to my law office. Once, every two weeks, a well-known, Anglo-American business owner of significant wealth calls me and asks me how they can go about legalizing their employees,” Corso said.

“The truth is, they really can’t. There is a great myth that there is a legal path to come to the U.S. There is no lawful path to come to the U.S. if you are a Mexican.”

Corso then went on to tell senators there was a 15-year backlog for Mexicans hoping to get enter the U.S. legally. (HERE)

Got that? There is no way for Mexicans to come to the U.S. legally, but the existing system has a backlog.

The truth

The truth is that in 2011 – and every year for a very long time – it was Mexico that was number one in sending us their citizens.

According to the 2011 statistics yearbook  (Table 3, page 4) then provided by DHS, the same year that lawyer Corso claimed there was no way for Mexicans to legally immigrate, Mexico was not only the number one sending country, but it provided us with 143,446 Mexicans as legal immigrants. Nearly twice the number of nation number two. I know what you are thinking: What was nation number two? –  Communist China – which has now switched order with Mexico and is number one in sending its poor to America.


When the illegal alien lobby says  “the immigration system is broken” they mean it is broken because we still have borders and don’t officially allow everyone on the planet to migrate to the United States. Yet.

There is much more education on and exposure coming for Arturo Corso. Stay tuned…


*typos edited and link added 4:53 PM

September 29, 2015

FAST FACT: Here is an image of the driver license issued to about 20,000 illegal aliens in Georgia – from Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)

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Drivers license for illegal aliens in Georgia. How different from yours does it look? Trust them, illegal aliens will never register to vote with their license – oh, wait…

Well, non-citizens voting in American elections cannot happen in Georgia…right? Oops.

FAST FACT: Obama on immigration and wages – before he was crowned

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Discharge USMC, which is hanging on my office wall

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Arturo Corso…

Dax Lopez! We say “no more Obama-appointed activist judges!”

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Dax Lopez!

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