November 6, 2017

On IERB, Georgia law and sanctuary cities

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Georgia law on Immigration Enforcement Review Board HERE 

Decatur anti-enforcement immigration policy HERE

Georgia state law on sanctuary cities HERE.

 Bonus # 1: Federal sanctuary city law HERE.

Bonus # 2 Sanctuary Cities and Immigration detainers: A Primer HERE.

Bonus # 3 HERE.

CBS 46 news video added November 7, 2:38PM HERE

September 11, 2017

DDS REAL ID Act – SAVE response

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– —–Original Message—–
From: Josh McKoon [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2015 1:02 PM
To: Nealey, Donna
Subject: Document6.docx

This is what I want to know from DDS.

Questions for DDS

1) Is the response from DHS on a SAVE query involving an illegal alien with DACA deferred action status different than other applicants?

a) If the response is different from other applicants, please provide as clear a picture and explanation as possible of the results of SAVE queries to DHS when an illegal alien with deferred action on deportation documents applies for a drivers license or state ID card. What SAVE issued code exactly is returned and what is code noting/describing?

2) Speaking of illegal aliens, DDS has recently told at least one state Senator that: “undocumented and illegal immigrants are not entitled to a Georgia drivers license or ID card.”

The Obama administration has made it clear that “deferred action does not provide legal status” for the illegal aliens who benefit from his executive action. Illegal aliens under deferred action are still illegal aliens. Is DDS aware of that fact and do you have plans to correct and clarify information to the contrary being provided to state Senators regarding who can obtain a Ga. drivers license?

3) In its defense against the lawsuit filed by Texas and 25 other states, including Georgia, the Obama administration is making it clear that individual states are not required to issue drivers license to illegal aliens who benefit from deferred action. Is DDS aware of this fact?

4) According to the Obama DOJ and multiple legal scholars, the REAL ID Act of 2005 provides security guidelines for states on issuing drivers licenses. That law allows states to issue drivers licenses to deferred action illegals, it does not require states to issue drivers licenses to deferred action illegal aliens. Are you making that fact clear in responses to inquiries from elected officials?

5) How many drivers licenses have been issued to DACA recipients since that practice began in 2012? How many state ID cards? What is the estimated added cost, if any, of this process? Has DDS added any staff to accommodate this process?

6) Considering his November 2014 action, does DDS have an estimate or prediction on numbers of future deferred action applicants to guide preparation/plans to issue drivers licenses and state ID cards if the president’s executive actions are not defeated in congress or the courts?

7) What is SOP for DDS when an applicant’s documents prove to be false, unverifiable or do not reflect actual identity of applicant? Does DDS report use of fraudulent documents by applicants for drivers license or state ID cards to any law enforcement agency?

8) Does DDS keep a record of applicants who are declined for a DL or State ID? If so, what is the number of declines and reasons for declination?

9) The federal SAVE program provides verification of immigration status of applicants for public benefits, mostly for non-citizens. Positive responses to queries do not require states to issue a drivers license or any other public benefit. Is this fact being made clear in responses to questions from the public and elected officials?


REPLY does not answer REAL ID Act question. *But…

From: Mitchell, Michael [] 
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 1:17 PM
To: Nealey, Donna
Subject: Re: DDS Questions – SB 6 – Senator Josh McKoon


In response to Senator McKoon’s questions, because both a Georgia driver’s license and an identification card are considered to be a public benefit, in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(a), in order to obtain a Georgia driver’s license or an identification card, a non-citizen applicant must provide documented proof of identity and lawful presence in the United States using at least one of the secure and verifiable documents specified in O.C.G.A. § 50-36-2(b)(3).

For non-citizen applicants, the eligibility to receive a driver’s license or identification card is made through the S.A.V.E. program, as required by 50-36-1(h). Any non-citizen whose eligibility cannot be verified through the S.A.V.E. program in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 40-5-21.2 will not receive a Georgia driver’s license or identification card.

Any case in which an applicant’s documents are proven to be false or fictitious is referred to local, state, and/or Federal law enforcement authorities, as well as the Investigative Services Division of the Department of Driver Services.

*The S.A.V.E. response code for a non-citizen who has been granted deferred action status is 188 “INITL RESP. 188 DACA – EMLOY AUTH” (my emphasis – dak).

Since 2012, 13,027 non-citizens have received a Georgia driver’s license, 2,433 non-citizens have received a Georgia identification card, and 38 non-citizens have received both with the S.A.V.E. response code of 188.

Please let me know if I can offer any further assistance.



Mike Mitchell, Legislative Liaison
Commissioner’s Office

Department of Driver Services



June 17, 2017

American family separation: It’s not a “Happy Father’s Day” in Georgia – Billy Inman writes on the seventeenth anniversary of his only child’s death at the hands of an illegal alien

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Billy and Kathy Inman, 2016 CBS 46, Atlanta


Yesterday marked seventeen years since a horrific traffic crash in which sixteen year-old Dustin Inman was killed by an illegal alien to whom the state of North Carolina issued a drivers license and to whom someone gave a job. The illegal alien had encounters with local law enforcement several times prior to ruining the Inman family’s world but was released each time. Dustin was the only child of a salt-of-the-earth Woodstock, Georgia family, Billy and Kathy Inman. Dustin’s killer escaped custody shortly after the incident and has not been re-captured. The U.S. government has told the Inmans’ that he is in Mexico and cannot be extradited.

(Personal note: We will not forget that the topic of immigration has been treated as radioactive by all concerned – and victims like the Inmans’ have been ignored in the seemingly endless, big-money political campaign in Georgia’s 6th District where I live.)

Below is draft of a letter Billy Inman sent to us to pass on. A version of this letter was published in the Gilmer County News – the county in which Dustin was killed. You can reach out to the Inmans’ at Billy’s e-address: lookin4em@ ( or on Billy Inman’s Facebook page.

D.A. King


Hey folks this is Billy Inman. This Father’s Day weekend marks seventeen years since the tragic day we lost our son Dustin who would have been 33 years old now.

His Mom, my wife Kathy, is in the shape she is today – in constant pain in a wheelchair and dealing with doctors every week – because an illegal alien Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez (an “everyday illegal alien”) slammed into our car at an estimated 62 mile an hour and still hasn’t been held accountable for the horrific pain he caused our family.

Our government knows where Gonzalo is but they say there’s nothing they can do about it because he’s in Mexico. (note: here is a letter from DOJ to the Inman family) But it happened here and I want to thank President Trump for what he has done on illegal immigration and I believe that’s what got him elected. I got to meet him back in October. I feel he wants the best for America and his handshake truly has meant the world to me.

Dustin Inman, forever sixteen

We have been invited to Washington several times but Kathy’s condition caused by the illegal alien forced us to cancel three times. In April, the government flew us to Washington for the opening of the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) which is an official an advocate to help victims of illegal aliens created by President Trump.

I truly hope something will be done so that you won’t have to go through what my family has. It’s not right. Our thanks to President Trump and all who have helped battle this problem.

This shouldn’t be a sanctuary for illegal aliens and those who have fled the U.S. for the crimes they have committed should be brought back for justice.

Billy Inman, Dustin’s Dad
Woodstock, Ga. June, 2017

April 28, 2017

Billy and Kathy Inman were guests at Washington D.C. launch of Trump administration’s victims of illegal immigration support office – VOICE

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Georgia couple also invited to Inauguration

PHOTO CBS Atlanta 46

Inman’s only child killed by illegal alien – ‘compassionate’ left mocks assistance effort


Billy and Kathy Inman of Woodstock, Georgia were invited guests at the official launch of the Trump administration’s Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) in Washington DC on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Mr. and Mrs. Inman are the parents of Dustin Inman, a forever-sixteen American who was killed by an illegal alien in a fully preventable traffic crash on Father’s Day weekend, 2000. The illegal alien who took Dustin’s life and put Kathy in a wheelchair for the rest of hers escaped police custody soon after the crash and has never been re-captured.

Established in 2005, the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society was named in memory of the Inman youth at his parent’s request.

Fulfilling a campaign pledge, President Trump ordered ICE to create the VOICE office in response to the Executive Order entitled ‘Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States’, which directed DHS to create an office to support victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens.

“All crime is terrible, but these victims are unique—and too often ignored,” said Secretary Kelly. “They are casualties of crimes that should never have taken place—because the people who victimized them often times should not have been in the country in the first place.”

According to the ICE press release, key objectives of the VOICE office are:

* Use a victim-centered approach to acknowledge and support victims and their families.

* Promote awareness of available services to crime victims.

* Build collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders assisting victims.

Billy Inman has not only struggled with the loss of his son and to care for his wife since the senseless crash but also has staged a dedicated and determined, non-stop, seventeen-year campaign to locate Dustin’s killer. Last year, the U.S. Department of Justice sent Mr. Inman a letter explaining that the fugitive who was in the U.S. illegally, Gonzalez Gonzalo Harrell, has been officially confirmed to be residing in Mexico but will not be returned to the U.S. for justice.

In his remarks (video 21:30) at the VOICE office opening, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly noted the Inman family and the misery they have endured because multiple administrations have refused to enforce American immigration laws.

ICE has established a toll-free hotline staffed with operators who will triage calls to ensure victims receive the support they need. The number is 1-855-48-VOICE or 1-855-488-6423. Asked about his visit to two-day Washington and the VOICE opening, Billy Inman said “I appreciated all of ‘em. I hope this will help and hold some accountable.”

Tolerant ‘Progressives’ mock families like the Inmans’

Immediately after going active, the official ICE support phone line intended to help families of victims of crime by illegals was inundated with prank calls from the anti-enforcement left that so often talks of “compassion.” The intent was to disrupt what is depicted as an “anti-immigrant” campaign by ICE. The anti-borders crowd gleefully boasts of their contempt for immigration laws and for the fellow Americans who suffer with the loss of family members at the hands of victims of borders.

A legal director with an open borders organization called the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office which will aid the American victims of illegal immigrant crimes “despicable.

Billy Inman works part time as a driver on route delivery and is in need of financial assistance to cover endless medical bills and to provide professional home care for his wife. A GoFundMe account has been set up for that purpose.


December 13, 2016

Family Separation: Desperate Georgia family in need at Christmas – Kathy Inman confined to a wheelchair since car wreck caused by illegal alien

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Updated: The effort to help Billy and Kathy Inman now has a Go Fund Me account. HERE

Desperate Georgia family in need of help at Christmas

Kathy Inman confined to a wheel chair since car wreck caused by illegal alien

A community relief fund account has been established for Billy and Kathy Inman, long-time residents of Woodstock.

The Inman family is desperate for help. Kathy Inman has been confined to a wheelchair since June of 2000 when an automobile wreck also killed the Inman’s only child, sixteen-year-old Dustin. The Inman family was on their way to a Father’s Day weekend of fishing in the North Georgia Mountains when a car traveling at high speed crashed into the rear of the Inman’s vehicle while it was stopped at a red light in Ellijay, Georgia.

The driver of the other vehicle, an illegal alien, fled police custody and remains free in Mexico today. U.S. authorities have located the fugitive, but informed Mr. Inman that current extradition agreements do not allow for returning Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez to the U.S for trial.

The Inman’s need donations and assistance with payment of on-going medical expenses and a daytime home health-care aide for Mrs. Inman, age fifty-three. 4033f4d6-7a52-40ce-95ac-629b3aafbca6

Mr. Inman works three days a week as a route driver and has been paying for a caregiver for his wife for years while he is at work. The Inman’s lost their home-health care aide several weeks ago and Mr. Inman is frantically searching for a compassionate replacement companion for his wife.

Addressing the hardships they endure, Mr. Inman, a proud and soft-spoken man, admits the loss of their son, Mrs. Inman’s deteriorating health and financial strains are wearing on both him and his wife. “She is always in pain” he says of his wife of 33 years. Mrs. Inman, a rising star in management of the Kroger supermarket chain before the wreck, now requires help in personal care and meals.

It’s not fair. I don’t get to hug my son,” says Mr. Inman. “I don’t get to have him help me do whatever in the yard or on the truck. I won’t be a grandpa. Kathy is forgetting things…”

Since his computer expired, Mr. Inman has been trying to write letters on his smart phone to elected officials asking for guidance on finding help for his wife. He hopes to purchase a new desktop computer.

Donations to help the Inman family can be deposited to the recently established ‘Inman Family Relief Fund- Billy Inman’ at any Sun Trust Bank branch using the account number 1000196179930 or mailed to Sun Trust Bank, Mail Code GA – Alt 0492,   2674 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta, Ga. 30066 with the same information.

July 9, 2016

Cobb County, Georgia’s village thinker Rich Pellegrino threatens “no justice, no peace” in letter to Marietta Daily Journal

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Rich Pellegrino, Cobb County’s anti-enforcement “Village thinker” and violence advocate Rich Pellegrino can be contacted at 

Marietta Daily Journal ( pay wall )

Letters to the editor

July 3, 2016

Writer threatens ‘no peace’ for Smyrna, Cobb County

In numerous articles during the past year since this police-involved fatal shooting, the MDJ reported that the GBI, Cobb Police and DOJ have investigated this case and determined the shooting was justified. That is totally inaccurate as all local agencies were charged with investigating the case and presenting the results of the investigation — the evidence — to the district attorney, without any determination of justification, or not. The district attorney’s office then also conducted its own investigation and all of this evidence — over 1,300 pages of it, including multiple videos and witness testimonies — were condensed into a 30-minute presentation by the district attorney to the grand jury — the only body in this chain charged to determine whether there should be a criminal indictment, and with that limited time and information presented to them, they made a determination not to indict. That was the only agency or body which made any determination.

Having reviewed that body of evidence, along with other concerned citizens, including attorneys, it is clear to this writer, to even a lay person, that there was no way anyone or any group of citizens, like those comprising the grand jury, could effectively evaluate the mountains of evidence in thirty minutes time in order to render a fair decision and determination. Of course, the district attorney knew this, so his impartiality must be questioned, and therefore there must be a new independent special prosecutor and a new grand jury empaneled.

Failing this solution, I, along with other concerned individuals and organizations in this community, will be forced to try this and related cases in the streets and courts of public opinion, which we will continue to do through many avenues, echoing the words of the millennial youth and civil rights movements, “No justice, No peace” — if there is no justice in this case, there will be no peace for Smyrna and Cobb. As a parent of sons and daughters like Nicholas Thomas, I will not have peace nor will I rest until Officer Owens is off our streets, and, as a citizen of this county, I will not have trust in our justice system until the cover up of his wrong doing is ended.

Rich Pellegrino

Mableton    HERE

June 14, 2016

Dustin Inman Society statement for the sixteenth anniversary of Dustin Inman’s death

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Dustin Inman – forever sixteen, a victim of “cheap labor”and political correctness

“Americans last…”

Dustin Inman Society statement for the sixteenth anniversary of Dustin Inman’s death – June 16, 2016

Who was Dustin Inman?

Billy and Kathy Inman have endured the unendurable for sixteen years – the exact length of their only child’s short life – while even now our government continues the lawless anti-enforcement policies that led to Dustin Inman’s death at the hands of an illegal alien. The Inman’s are just one of the hundreds of thousands of American families who have paid the ultimate price for our unsecured borders and the immigration laws that are ignored in the name of “cheap labor” and disgusting political correctness.

Billy and Kathy are two of the strongest people I know, but no one could bear the latest news contained in the recent letter from the U.S. Department of Justice to Billy Inman. The same government that refuses to enforce our laws or to protect us from invasion has sent a letter telling Billy there “is no legal remedy” to bring Dustin’s killer back from Mexico to answer for his crimes. While we see endless news stories about the hardships of being “undocumented” in Georgia and the victimized howls from the powerful illegal alien lobby that deportation of illegals would “separate immigrant families,” we all should pledge to never forget the real victims of illegal immigration. We must protect American families first.

The United States Department of Justice is telling the Inman family to be comforted by their long and unsuccessful struggle for justice and to accept the reality that allowing Dustin’s killer to remain an unpunished fugitive is due to laws that will be enforced.

Speaking from long, close-up experience I can sadly report that this “Americans last” attitude reaches to the highest levels of government on the local, state and national levels. Americans lost to the crime of illegal immigration are merely viewed as the cost of doing business, when they are considered at all. We urge Georgians to honor and remember the Inman’s suffering by refusing to allow any elected official at any level to avoid the immigration issue. Ever.

Please remember Dustin Inman and God bless Billy and Kathy.

Please see our request to support Billy and Kathy Inman HERE.

D.A. King
The Dustin Inman Society
Marietta, Georgia

Please reach out to Billy and Kathy Inman – their 16-year-old son, Dustin, was killed by an illegal alien 16 years ago

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Forever sixteen: Dustin Inman was killed by an illegal alien sixteen years ago

Dustin, Kathy and Billy Inman circa 2000. Inman family photo

Please help us comfort and support Billy and Kathy Inman?

We are asking you to take a few minutes out of your busy day to remember Dustin Inman and to send a short email of encouragement to Billy and Kathy Inman. 

Billy’s email address is   binman1@BELLSOUTH.NET  .

Thursday, June 16, 2016 is the sixteenth anniversary of the tragic death of forever sixteen year-old Dustin Inman who lived with his parents in Woodstock, Georgia. An illegal alien named Gonzalo Harrell Gonzelez killed Dustin Inman. Gonzalez, sometimes referred to as “Harrell” escaped capture and to this day remains a fugitive. You can see the FBI “Wanted Poster” here.

Billy and Kathy Inman, Dustin’s parents still live in the same house where they were raising Dustin. Kathy is confined to a wheelchair and will be for the rest of her life as a result of the crash that killed her son. If you are unfamiliar with this sad story, you can read more here .

Make no mistake. Dustin Inman was killed because our federal government refuses to secure our border, or to enforce our immigration and employment laws. And because somebody gave Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez a job and because the state of North Carolina gave him a valid drivers license.

I asked Billy Inman what he would like people to know about the nightmare of losing his son, seeing his wife Kathy suffer in agony while permanently confined to her wheelchair and all that has transpired since that horrible day in 2000. “It ain’t right!” he shot back. “This is justice denied. Kathy just had another procedure on her leg. I have a stack of medical bills two inches thick just from that. If the bills were in Gonzalo’s name, I bet they would bring him back pretty quick” said Billy. Billy feels abandoned. “We feel like American outcasts” he says.

My friend Billy Inman tells me that law enforcement in Georgia has told him the exact whereabouts of the fugitive responsible for his son’s death. “I even have the phone number…he is in Mexico” Billy told me.

Billy Inman’s friends know that he has spent every moment of the last sixteen years caring for his wife Kathy and doing everything humanly possible to find his son’s killer. He has left no stone un-turned and done literally everything imaginable to press authorities for justice.

Recently, the United States Department of Justice sent Billy Inman a letter explaining that the laws in place do not provide for Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez, Dustin’s killer, to be returned to the United States. We hope you will read that letter here – and please consider reaching out to Billy and Kathy.

Thank you,

D.A. King

President, The Dustin Inman Society

Please see the statement from the Dustin Inman Society marking the anniversary of Dustin’s death HERE.

ACLU, SPLC, other anti-borders groups and illegal aliens stage a protest in Atlanta, Georgia, January, 2016

June 3, 2015

ACTION NEEDED: Eight state House seats are in special election mode. Candidates should be pushed to pick a side (we pick pro-enforcement).

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ACTION NEEDED: Eight state House seats are in special election mode. If you let them, many of the candidates will shy away from talking the crime of illegal immigration. Don’t let them, even if it isn’t your district.

FACT: According to DHS, Georgia ranks number seven in the nation in its population of illegal aliens and has more illegals than Arizona. Before he stopped even mentioning this crime, Republican Georgia Governor Nathan Deal used an estimate of “$2.4 billion” as the annual cost of illegal immigration to Georgia taxpayers. This dwarfs the controversial and much-publicized recent Republican/Chamber of Commerce – pushed $1 billion dollar annual tax increase for highways and bridges.
It has always been the publicly stated intent of the Republican-controlled state legislature to oppose illegal immigration. We should strive to elect pro-enforcement candidates in the coming special elections.

FACT: Illegal aliens who have been rewarded by Obama with “deferred action” on deportation are still illegal aliens. While the Obama admin says they have “lawful presence” due to the work permits and SSNs he gave them illegally, DHS and the Obama DOJ make it clear that they are still illegal aliens who do not have ‘legal status.” Howling that his illegal amnesty was ‘for the children,” Obama expanded the DACA program by removing any age limit and then created another illegal amensty “for the parents’ called “DAPA” in November, 2014. His incrementalism is easy to see. Georgia is one of 26 states suing the Obama administration to stop the DACA expansion and implementation of the DAPA amnesty.

FACT: Right now, more than 15,000 illegal aliens have a Georgia drivers license and we are now offering unemployment compensation to the illegals with deferred action on deportation.

FACT: Decades-old Georgia law prevented all illegal aliens from accessing a drivers license, a state ID card and most public benefits. But it was written using the term “without lawful presence” to exclude illegals. Now, because of Obama’s illegal amnesty, the state law needs to be changed to require only applicants with “legal status” to be eligible for a DL, ID card and most public benefits.

FACT: Since 2006, many bills under the Gold Dome were passed aimed at deterring illegal immigration in Georgia. Having become law, many of these rules are now ignored and enforcement is considered optional by far too many in Georgia government.

Special election candidates should be urged to defy the Chamber of Commerce, the Democrat party and the Establishment Republicans by taking a clear pro-enforcement position in their campaigns. Many seem to be trying to ignore illegal immigration and illegal employment altogether.

Message points for all candidates:

1) We want to hear your clear position on illegal immigration in Georgia and we want to hear specifically what you plan to do to deter that crime if elected to the Georgia House. According to Obama’s own DHS, the illegal aliens that Obama has rewarded with delayed deportation are still illegal aliens.

2) Right now, more than 15,000 illegal aliens have obtained a Georgia drivers license or state ID card and are accessing public benefits. Besides our jobs and benefits, we are providing unemployment benefits to illegal aliens. Only candidates who pledge to change state law ending this practice cane considered “pro-enforcement.” We want to hear that you are against the current on-going state level amnesty that matches the intent of President Barack Obama.

3) With a cost of more than $2.4 billion each year, illegal immigration is not a separate issue from our taxes, educational services, transportation, law enforcement, health care or quality of life.

We will only support Rule of Law legislators.

August 18, 2011

Anchor baby is so last century. Now, it is anchor fetus – Pregnant women immune from enforcement of immigration laws

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D.A. King Anchor baby is so last century. Now, it is anchor fetus – Pregnant women imune from enforcement of immigration laws
2 minutes agoFavorite Reply Delete

How the New Amnesty Process will Work: (HERE)

Under the new process, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) working group will develop specific criteria to identify low-priority removal cases that should be considered for prosecutorial discretion. These criteria will be based on “positive factors” from the Morton Memo, which include individuals present in the U.S. since childhood (like DREAM Act students), minors, the elderly, pregnant and nursing women, victims of serious crimes, veterans and members of the armed services, and individuals with serious disabilities or health problems. The working group will develop a process for reviewing cases pending before immigration and federal courts that meet these specific criteria.

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