January 7, 2020

John Litland in the MDJ: Brian Kemp Campaign promise on illegal immigration broken

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Marietta Daily Journal
January 6, 2020

Campaign promise on illegal immigration broken


Regarding the “Q&A: Gov. Brian Kemp talks budget cuts, education and other legislative priorities.”

We were drop-mouthed astounded to see that Governor Kemp was not asked about his broken campaign promises on illegal immigration when the MDJ interviewed him recently. It cannot be said too many times that Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders and that Kemp presented himself as a pro-enforcement champion during the campaign. He promised to create a “track and deport plan” and a “database of criminal aliens.”

In last year’s legislative session, a simple bill (HB202) that would have made public a quarterly count of criminal illegal aliens in the state prison system was kept from a vote by the Speaker David Ralston-controlled Republican House without a murmur from Kemp. This would have allowed voters to see one monetary cost of the vaunted illegal “cheap labor” the donor class employs with impunity while taxpayers foot the bills.

Many Georgia families have been permanently separated at the hands of illegal aliens. How many more innocents must die before this overtakes “business-friendly” as “an issue?” Perhaps Gov. Kemp should go talk to our dear friend Kathy Inman in Woodstock and ask about her son Dustin who was killed by an illegal and is forever age sixteen.

There are many conservatives out here who remember Kemp’s immigration campaign promises and we can hear the complete silence of Gov. Kemp on the topic since the election. Now we wonder about the silence from the MDJ. We stopped wondering about the silence on illegal immigration from Georgia Republicans years ago.

My wife is a proud immigrant. So we hope the silly “that’s an anti-immigrant letter” idiocy that will likely follow is ignored. Here

John Litland