May 28, 2019

Stunning anti-enforcement ignorance against the life-saving 287(g) program from Pat Burns in Cobb County, Georgia

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Photo: Culpepper Star Exponent

The below is the transcript of a three minute public comment to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on May 14, 2019 against 287(g).

“Good morning. My name is Patricia Burns. Most of you know me for supporting my neighborhood, county, and even country as I served in Vietnam during that war. Unknown to you though, is my 25 years involvement in immigration and human rights. You hold the picture of why. That’s our daughter, Mary, who entered our hearts as a hard to place infant. She expanded our awareness to the anti-immigrant fever that engulfed Cobb and swept across Georgia. Today, let’s talk 287(g).

287(g) is a federal Homeland Security program that uses Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, to sidle into local government under the guides of public safety. It has quietly redirected funding from other county programs, even perhaps public safety salaries. 287(g) is discretionary, it all depends on a sheriff’s personal fears and views. From my understanding, Cobb pays the salaries of six deputies and two sergeants who work for ICE, but Cobb pays for it. Stop funding and approving this expensive and aggressive federal tool. Bartow County has disengaged from it.

The argument offered arises that violent criminals are taken off the streets, true perhaps but there is no accountability that those who are arrested are all violent. It models criminality and increases racial profiling. No accountability means mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, small business owners, and tax payers, are swept up by these six deputies, two sergeants and a sheriff who become no more than bounty hunters of your. Since statistics and costs of Cobb using 287(g) is nearly impossible to find, let’s look at Gwinnett County. Gwinnett, uses the same invasive program where to costs tax payers from 1.2 to $3 million annually according to the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. We can assume costs are about the same here.

In conclusion, do not renew or support a program that drumbeats our dark side. Instead, uplift Cobb County residents with things that make us the best, parks, libraries, senior centers, sound infrastructure, and perhaps even raises in public safety at this time. Thank you.” Video below.