March 21, 2019

Stalker-Boy Sam Aguilar, late of the Coca Cola-funded anti-enforcement GALEO Inc. is now the Georgia State Director for @FWDus #StalkerBoy #GALEO @FWDus

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Sam Aguilar Image: Twitter


This is @SamAguilarATL who now is State Director for in Georgia. He is a former GALEO staffer.

2015 Late in the legislative session. At night, on the 4th floor of the GA Capitol. This bizarre character, Sam Aguilar, walked up and introduced himself with an odd smirk. As I shook his hand he informed me he worked for GALEO, which is one of the many corporate-funded anti-enforcement immigration lobby groups in GA. Warning, if you shake hands with this nutball, have a towel handy, his hands are miserably sweaty. After I walked away, I noticed he was following me, so I reversed direction to be sure. Sure enough, he was right on my tail. He stayed about 4 feet behind me for about 10 minutes around the building, with people everywhere, including when I went into the men’s room.

I finally told a Capitol Police officer what was up and handed my phone to a friend to record Stalker Boy Sam Aguilar. What you see here is the last minute of me, then age 63, being stalked by a paid GALEO anti-borders, millenial activist – in public. The Capitol Police officer was just about to get involved and Stalker Boy decided to slow down his tail. But he still had the weird smirk. I suppose in lefty-land this is considered revenge for my pro-enforcement work to make GA. inhospitable to the crime of illegal immigration. To be clear. Stalker Boy Sam Aguilar is a very strange egg.

UPDATE, MARCH 2019: Stalker Boy Sam Aguilar has left the discredited GALEO and now is GA. State Director for Zuckerburg’s amnesty-again cheap labor lobbying group, @FWDus.