January 27, 2019

Transcription (Rev.com) Georgia State Senate Transportation Committee, February 21, 2018 Re; SB445

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SB445  2017-2018 Regular Session 
Department of Transportation; standards for contracts; contract bidding process and award procedure; provide

Sponsor: Senator Steve Gooch.

Second signer, Senator Brandon Beach, (3) Senator Butch Miller, (4) Senator Frank Ginn, (5) Senator Mike Dugan.


Begin after opening prayer.

Chairman Brandon Beach: Thank you, Senator. All right. We’re going to, um, we’ve got quite a bit of business to take care of. And, I know, Mr. Waller you need to go somewhere else, so we’re going to hear Senator Gooch’s bill first, um, it’s a SB-445  LC391852, and it’s a DOT bill, Senator. It’s a committee sub.

[inaudible 00:00:35] the bill out.

Okay. Okay wait- wait a second. It’s LC398-1877ERS.

All right. [inaudible 00:00:58].

Senator Steve Gooch: Okay. Yeah you too. All right, this is the annual housekeeping bill. We do one every year practically. We can go section by section of the bill. If y’all wanna question something stop me. Otherwise I’m gonna move through it pretty quick.

Section one, um, line 14, 15 simply strikes a reference to federal way highway contracting and applying to all contracts. This is dealing with- with bidding, um. So it has less to do with just federal highways but we were just bidding federal highway projects. We didn’t have enough money to do the other so now we’re applying this to every project in the, uh, in the DOT. It’s just in the- the, um, line requirements and so forth in that session.

Section two lines 45 through 50 simply clarifies that posting waiting advertisements on the department’s website also fulfills the notice requirement. Currently we’ve been putting the ads in the local papers when they do local weddings. Now we can notify the public by way of websites and that seems to be the more modern approach. It’s working better.

* Section three lines 54 and 55 makes clear that the deadline for a bidder to supply their sign notarized e-verify affidavit is prior to contract award as opposed to the bid submission. This has caused a problem with some of the contractors that submitted their e-verify affidavits but they didn’t reach to the department either by mail or by other means of delivery in time for the bid, um, deadlines and therefore they were disqualified from bidding on the work. Now essentially requires ’em to submit those e-verifies prior to the contracts being awarded.

Section four was developed at the request of the coordination of department of public safety to make sure that camping or temporary habitation on…end of audio provided to Rev.com