November 20, 2018

Georgia’s “use it or lose it” voter roll law? The Democrats did it

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Photo: Tea Party

Here is a ‘take-away’ on the liberal media’s incomplete coverage of Georgia Governor’s race: The Dems did the “use it or lose it” law and former Secretary of State Brian Kemp is only ‘guilty’ of following that law.

It was the 1997 Georgia Democrats who introduced, sponsored and passed the now infamous and partially reported “use it or lose it” voter ‘purge’ law that the liberal media, loser Stacey Abrams and the 2018 Democrats are using to vilify Governor-Elect Brian Kemp. The exception on sponsors was Republican Robert Irvin.

It was Democrat Governor Zell Miller who signed the legislation, HB 889, into law.

It was introduced by Chatham County Democrat Rep Sonny Dixon and was cosponsored by Reps (the late) William Lee (D), Larry Walker (D), Jimmy Skipper (D), Robert Irvin (R), and Greg K. Hecht (D).

Sonny Dixon won a Best Anchor Emmy Award for his work in broadcasting in Savannah and has a major road intersection named in his honor.

Attorney and writer Larry Walker has served on the Board of Regents and on the state’s Georgia Department of Transportation Board.

Greg Hecht went on to the state senate and was the Democrat’s 2014 candidate for Attorney General.

Brian Kemp wasn’t in the Georgia legislature in 1997 when the Dems passed the bill they hate so vocally now that Comrade Abrams has finally admitted defeat.

We haven’t seen this in any liberal media outlets – but will do a complete search for a credible and compelling Georgia news article that we may have missed. But, maybe they are hiding it.

*Hat tip to real-conservative Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon for the expert detective work on the Georgia General Assembly’s website.