June 19, 2018

Letter that did not see publication in the AJC – the hardships of minimum wage workers in affordable housing and immigration

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The AJC Business section recently brought us a story (Minimum wage workers in crisis, June 14) on t – . It seems that there is nowhere in the U.S. these low-wage workers can afford so much as a two-bedroom apartment. http://epaper.ajc.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?appid=2870&artguid=403a2ba6-375b-48f8-9a82-851d07785940

Voters who express knee-jerk support for increasing already too-high immigration levels and another amnesty for illegal aliens should understand that the natural laws of supply and demand also apply to immigration, the labor force and the housing market.

The undeniable reality is that that more workers mean lower wages and more demand for housing. It is comical to watch clueless young hamburger-flippers march for a $15 an hour wage one day and for open borders the next – on orders from political organizers who claim to be advocates for America’s downtrodden poor.

We should return to the lower immigration levels of the 1980’s.

Sue Lanier King