May 16, 2018

IERB James Balli email of March 7, 2018

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Mr. King, I have been asked to help get you a prompt response to your valid requests. To that end, unless Mr. Willard tells us by Friday at 5 pm that the Board is prohibited by law, Carol, please email (and copy me and the Chairman) Mr. King all written responses to Mr. King’s complaints which were dismissed or continued last meeting. I believe that it was the respondents’ duty to copy Mr. King and, if they did not, we should (again Mr. Willard may overrule us). Also, unless instructed differently by Mr. Willard, provide Mr. King with a written copy of the Stipulations of Dismissal entered at last meeting. All of the aforementioned documents should be provided to Mr. King free of charge. However, Mr. King’s request for a “transcript” of the entire Board sitting as the Review Panel is not free. As set forth in Rule 291-2-.03(2), unless a respondent agreed to share the cost [in which case divide it pro rata accordingly], please request the Court reporter to generate an invoice to Mr. King for the entire cost of appearing and transcribing the hearing. As noted in that rule, any appeal of any decision must be accompanied by a true and correct copy of the transcript of the hearing or the appeal will be invalid and immediately dismissed. That said, I would direct Mr. King to Rule 291-2-.05(2) as I believe the entire Board was sitting as the Review Panel. Last, we do not provide legal advice nor answer questions and any requests for other documents such as minutes will be timely processed as Open Records Act requests. Any legal questions please direct to Mr. Willard. Thank you.

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On Mar 7, 2018, at 8:09 PM, D.A. King wrote:

Please send me the written response from the entities that I filed complaints against that were considered in the last meeting.

Please tell me the name and position/title of the man who had organized your process of dismissals and verbalized the responses from the various entities.

Please send me the court reporter’s transcripts of the entire “hearing”.

Please send any available audio or video recording of the last “hearing.”

Please send me date and minutes of meeting in which Shawn Hanley was elected Chairman.

More to follow.

D.A. King

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