February 18, 2018

Action Needed: One phone call! Georgia is giving illegal aliens with deferred deportation (and some who have already been ordered deported) the same drivers license we issue to legal immigrants

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Dustin Inman Society

Please call, leave a polite message with the assistant or voice mail, then send a short E-Mail: “Please pass out SB 417 and change the drivers license to illegals so it is vertically oriented.”


Please contact the office of Georgia State Senator John Albers, Chairman, Senate Public Safety Committee
Capitol Office
421-C State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 463-8055
Fax: (404) 651-6768
info@senatoralbers.com Email

RE; SB 417Change Georgia drivers license/IDCards issued to illegal aliens.

Sponsors : Senators Josh McKoon, William Ligon, Bruce Thompson, David Shafer, Marty Harbin, Michael Williams and others.

New tier of drivers license for illegal aliens must be oriented vertically – as are under 21 credentials.

SB417 will require Department of Drivers Services (DDS) to change the current policy of issuing illegal aliens who have been given a deferral on deportation (and some who have already been ordered to be deported) the exact same drivers license and official state ID card as is issued to legal immigrants and Mercedes Benz/KIA executives here on legal temporary visas. These credentials can and are used to board airliners and create needless confusion in our voting process.

Since 2012, DDS says they have issued, renewed or replaced more than 50,000 such credentials.

→ One of the changes to the documents required in the bill is to orient the drivers license/ID Cards vertically – as we already do for American citizens under the age of 21 (photo). 

Georgia drivers license issued to drivers who are under age twenty-one

ACTION NEEDED: Please call and email the office of Senator Albers and make it clear that you are watching this bill and want the illegal alien’s drivers licenses/ID Cards to be clearly marked to show the status of the holder and that it is imperative they are vertically oriented. If we can do it for American youth, we should have no problem doing it for illegal aliens.

Fact sheet on this bizarre issue here.