November 21, 2017

More of the wit and wisdom of Emiko Soltis – she educates future open borders, illegal alien radicals at FU

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Emiko Soltis photo: Forbes

Below is just one quote from Soltis in a Forbes-published interview. You can read more on Soltis HERE.

November 16, 2017

Freedom University: Educating Undocumented Young People In Georgia

Koteles: How can documented people support undocumented people?

Soltis: Documented people like myself can start by recognizing that the undocumented experience actually has a lot to teach us. First and foremost, it challenges us to rethink basic notions of citizenship: is citizenship defined by how we act or the arbitrary location of our birth? It challenges us to think about how we as U.S. citizens benefit from a current world system of global apartheid, where some people can travel across borders freely to study abroad, to go on vacation, to learn from cultural exchanges, while others — primarily people of color from formerly colonized countries — are confined to the borders in which they were born.  HERE