September 6, 2017

DACA amnesty every decade? Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson says congress should sort out a system for future illegal alien “children”

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Maybe we can look forward to an amnesty for ‘the children‘ every ten years or so?


From the AJC today:

“Children who received status under President Obama’s deferred action executive order should not be punished for their parents’ choices. Congress should protect these young people while also working toward stronger measures to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws going forward.”

Missing from that statement, you may notice, is any mention of the president. When we caught up with Isakson later on Tuesday afternoon, he offered no criticism of the president.

“DACA was in place because of an executive order (note from D.A.King – no, it wasn’t. It was created with a memo). The new executive has decided to rescind the application of DACA for the future and left it to Congress,” he said.

–> As for Congress, Isakson said, “It’s time we start doing something.” That includes grandfathering the current DACA kids into the system and sorting out a system for future children in similar situations, he said.