August 25, 2017

OP-ED -Here are some facts about immigration’s cost to Americans

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Denver Post
August 24, 2017

Here are some facts about immigration’s cost to Americans

Re: “Stephen Miller needs to get the facts on immigration, legal and otherwise,” Aug. 22 Megan Schrader column.

Megan Schrader writes that she’s seen no documentation from the White House to back their assumption that “a million green cards a year is too many and that unskilled laborers are flooding the market and driving down wages.”

The National Academy of Sciences found that, on average, immigration causes the wages of competing American workers to go down by 5.2 percent. Immigration redistributes approximately $500 billion in wages from American workers to employers of low-wage immigrants.

From the Rockefeller Commission in 1969 to the Jordan Commission in 1996, federal commissions have long recommended that immigration be reduced to at least 500,000 per year.

Heritage Foundation studies have documented the tremendous costs of immigrants to American taxpayers.

And it is fairly obvious that households with illegal immigrants presently consume far more in benefits than they can ever pay in taxes.

The American taxpayer cannot afford the continuing flood of immigrants into the country.

Michael Stertz, Thornton