March 14, 2017

Five minutes! ACTION NEEDED – Republican state senate is a problem on lifesaving immigration bill, HB 452

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ACTION NEEDED — I’ll wash your car!

Help us save some American lives with five minutes of your time, please. HB 452 in trouble in Republican state Senate.

HB 452 is a simple, one page bill that allows and requires the GBI to share information with we the people and Georgia sheriffs that it is already receiving from the feds regarding the release onto the streets of Georgia of convicted, criminal aliens. This list includes murderers, rapists, child molesters and kidnappers.

HB 452 passed out of the Republican-run House Public Safety Committee with a unanimous, bipartisan vote. HB 452 passed the full Republican-run House 144-26.

–> HB 452 was the subject of an excellent National Review piece yesterday, in which the Dustin Inman Society is mentioned.

HB 452 is in trouble in the Republican-ruled Georgia state senate. Yesterday, HB 452 went through the Senate Public Safety Committee on a 4-3 vote. But the Chairman of that committee felt the need to change the language of the bill. His changes were pointless and quite frankly, showed his lack of knowledge of the bill and the program on which it is based.

The anti-borders lobby was there in full force and was allowed to interrupt the hearing. One anti-American opponent of the bill told the room that sharing the info on criminal aliens released onto our streets was “bad for immigrants and bad for small business.” Another made it clear that sharing the information showed a lack of “compassion.” Yet another told the committee that letting your county sheriff know when murderous, criminal aliens were set free into your community it would make you less safe.

→HB 452 now must go through the Senate Rules Committee before it can see a vote in the full Republican controlled state Senate. Assuming the Republicans there allow it to pass, because of the needless change in language, it then must go back to the House for passage again.

The corporate-funded (Coca Cola, Georgia Power, AJC owners, Cox Communications …) illegal alien lobby has a phone bank of people who are swamping the Capitol phones right now to kill the bill.


Please call the members of the offices of members of the Senate Rules Committee and leave a polite, short message with the staffer to “please pass out HB 452 so we can save some American lives in Georgia. We are watching…”

Republican SENATE RULES COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Please call this morning, and after lunch, then email all of them. Repeat tomorrow. I’ll wash your car…


Mullis, Jeff (Chairman) (404) 656-0057

Hill, Jack(404) 656-5038

Millar, Fran (404) 463-2260

Albers, John (404) 463-8055

Cowsert, Bill (404) 463-1366

Gooch, Steve (404) 656-9221

Hill, Hunter (404) 463-2518

Kennedy, John F. (404) 656-0045

Shafer, David (404) 656-0048

Wilkinson, John (404) 463-5257

.Miller, Butch (404) 656-7454

Unterman, Renee S (404) 463-1368