December 15, 2016

REQUEST FOR OPEN RECORDS, SAVE affidavit: Adult Education at Cross Keys High School, DeKalb County School District

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The below open records request was sent to DeKalb School District today. Dollars to donuts they are as clueless about the state law as most other districts. Advice: Make ready the Kleenex…


REQUEST FOR OPEN RECORDS Adult Education – SAVE affidavit
Re; OCGA 50-36-1

Please send me copies of the required affidavits collected from parents of students at Cross Keys High School that have been attending Adult Education classes on English language for calendar year 2016 and 2015. Also please send me copies of documents that illustrate the number of classes held, adults instructed and dates of these classes as described in the AJC news report linked below. And, please send me copies of the Secure and Verifiable documents demonstrating eligibility (lawful presence) of the adult education students described above.

*Help: Adult Education is a Public Benefit under federal and state law.

AJC story on Adult Education at Cross Keys High School

Sent to DeKalb County School district, from Dekalb Schools website 3:14 PM – Thursday, Dec 16, 2016.

I received confirmation that my request has been submitted successfully:

“Your request has been submitted successfully – thanks!”

Here is another AJC story that is relevant.  This is the second headline. They changed the first one, but I have a screen shot.