May 3, 2016

Anti-borders communist-tied Adelina Nichols says Hispanic voters in Gwinnett County, Georgia should vote to punish elected officials who help enforce American immigration laws.

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Adelina Nichols says Hispanic voters in Gwinnett County, Georgia should vote to punish elected officials who help enforce American immigration laws.

Video here. Translation below.

Adelina Nichols at podium in the Georgia Capitol protesting traffic laws in Georgia, April, 2016

Telemundo Atlanta Translation

“Reporter Luis Estrada: [What I read] says that one of the most important counties in electoral matters for Hispanics is Gwinnett County, because there are at least some 30,000 Hispanics registered to vote in the upcoming elections. And the registration process closes tomorrow, Tuesday, for the May 24 elections.

Adelina Nicholls: And I talk about Gwinnett County, Cobb County, Whitfield County, Hall County that have been of the most aggressive

Narrator: The Latino Alliance for Human Rights of Georgia, GLAHR, believes that the children of undocumented Hispanics , that already turned eighteen years old and have seen their parents be deported by the policies of prisons participating in the program 287 G, could take an electoral position on May 24.

Adelina Nicholls: A vote that represents family reunification and also a vote of punishment to all those politicians that have used the community.

Narrator: For Hispanic immigrant advocate groups, the Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway has been the main executer of programs like 287 g that has deported and divided families in the area. Sherriff Conway is now trying to be reelected in that position on May 24.The county prison’s webpage shows numbers of the people that have been put into the hands of ICE, undocumented person or illegal criminals as they are called.

Adelina Nicholls: Assaulted. Have gone beyond insulting and discriminating

Narrator: Meanwhile, the executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials says that this county has a Hispanic electoral force that could decide whether Conway continues as County Sheriff of the county, a county in which 200,000 are Hispanic.

Jerry Gonzalez: Number of Latino voters in Gwinnett County is the highest in all of the counties in the state of Georgia.

Narrator: County Sherriff Butch Conway now faces an opponent for reelection. This is Keith Van Nus who would be county sheriff officer, and now seeks to appeal to the Hispanic vote to win the election. However his position on immigration in this respect is not clear, yet.

Jerry Gonzalez: He has to pay attention to the Latino vote. It is very for them.

Narrator: Moreover, there are four Hispanic women who have launched their campaigns to be candidates for their respective parties as State Representatives. Also on May 24, the Hispanic vote could decide if they succeed or not.

Narrator: This Gwinnett County spokesperson says that people can register to vote in the city halls, libraries, and offices of the Board of the Elections. They need to be citizens and bring an ID to register.

Reporter Luis Estrada: People that haven’t registered to vote yet, can still have the opportunity to do so before five in the afternoon tomorrow Tuesday. Luis Estrada reporting for Telemundo Atlanta.”