March 4, 2016

Maria Silvia Montoya: Letter printed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today – Re; SB 6 and Republican Georgia state Senator Tommie Williams

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Georgia state Senator Tommie Williams Image: Georgia Senate.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Hispanics want enforcement too

Senate Bill 6 will replace the drivers license currently being issued to illegal immigrants who have deferred action on deportation with a card that clearly notes their illegal status. I am relieved to see it has passed the state senate. However, when I read the final comments blurted out by Republican Senator Tommie Williams in the AJC – “Think about it. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because there are those in the hall that do not like brown people. “- I feel disappointment and dismay.

I am a proud American who happens to be a bilingual Hispanic and who supports immigration enforcement. This brown person cannot help but wonder what Williams thinks about the brave Border Patrol Agents who risk their lives on our borders. About half of them are Hispanic. Williams race-baiting and smearing is so disgusting. Comments like these are usually made void of tact and when tired and hungry.

(It should be noted that Sen Williams made it clear to the senate that he wants to protect the illegal immigrant sous chef in his restaurant. Not very appetizing to me.)

Maria Silvia Montoya


Prosed new "drivers safety card" for illegal aliens with Obama's deferred action on deportation

Proposed new “drivers safety card” for illegal aliens with Obama’s deferred action on deportation. This would replace the current drivers license issued to the illegals if SB6 becomes law in Georgia.

This is the Georgia drivers license given to illegal aliens in Georgia now. It is the same as the ones given to legal visa holders.