February 12, 2016

Atlanta Jewish Times – Letters to the editor supporting Georgia Senator David Perdue for stopping confirmation process of GALEO’s Dax Lopez

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Atlanta Jewish Times

Letters to the Editor – Feb. 12, 2016
Record Reason to Stop Lopez

As a first-generation child of legal immigrants, I am sensitive to any immigration issues. I did not know that Judge Dax Lopez was Jewish until after Sen. David Perdue correctly blocked his nomination (“Perdue Blocks Court Bid,” Jan. 29). I reached the same conclusion as Senator Perdue based on Judge Lopez’s membership in GALEO and on his longtime support for illegal immigration and for taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.

Besides Senator Perdue, other elected officials opposed the Lopez nomination, including the Georgia Chapter of Hispanic Patriots, at least five Georgia state representatives, at least nine Georgia state senators, and the Cobb County, Gwinnett County and Union County sheriffs.

A federal judge is nominated for life. Past actions are considered as part of the evaluation process. Judge Lopez openly advocated for illegal immigration and the so-called rights of illegal immigrants. Nominees for federal positions are held accountable for past actions and affiliations, and Senator Perdue correctly held Judge Lopez accountable for his past actions and affiliations.

The Anti-Defamation League’s long history of fighting anti-Semitism does not excuse attempting to connect Lopez nomination dots that do not exist. Instead, the ADL is inferring bias because people do not agree with the organization’s Lopez endorsement. Accusing D.A. King of anti-Semitism for campaigning against this nomination has no basis in truth or fact.

Illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of Georgia about $2.4 billion a year, of which $1.4 billion is for K-12 education, net of any taxes collected. Illegal immigrants depress the wages of minorities and take jobs away from unemployed American citizens.

— George Nathan, Atlanta   HERE