February 9, 2016

@GeorgiaDDS Georgia Department of Drivers Services official Public Information Director says DDS policy on issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation is “per the Federal Dream Act”

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Susan Sports is the Georgia Department of Driver Services Public Information Director

DDS contact
Susan Sports
Public information Director
(678) 413-8657 office
(404) 975-7007 cell

Susan Sports replied to a media question on DDS policy on issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation and the announcement from DDS that some illegal aliens with work permits would no longer be issued a drivers license.

The reply assures the reporter that DDS policy is based on the “Federal Dream Act.”

FACT: There is no federal DREAM Act. It was only failed legislation. It is not law.

Repeat: While the federal DREAM Act was introduced in 2001 and several times after that, the federal DREAM Act never passed congress. It was never signed into law because it never passed congress. We are also proud to have taken part in the fight to stop passage of the DREAM Act.

Shorter: DDS has made official assurances that their policy is based on a failed piece of federal amnesty legislation.

Email exchange between Patrick Hickey of Insider Advantage Georgia and Susan Sports, Public Information Director, DDS:

From: Sports, Susan [mailto:SSports@dds.ga.gov] 
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 10:36 AM
To: Patrick Hickey


DDS has not changed the policy regarding driver’s license and/or identification card issuance to non-citizens.

Those non-citizens in Deferred Action Status are eligible for GA licenses and IDs per the Federal Dream Act (assuming that they meet all other GA licensing criteria).

However, there is a separate group of noncitizens that are not eligible for GA license or ID Card issuance. Non-citizen customers with a category C-18 on their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (which is the category if an individual is under an order of deportation/order of supervision) are not eligible for GA licenses and/or identification card issuance.