January 16, 2016

Anti-English GALEO joins other activist groups to push for foreign language ballots – threatens lawsuit in same federal court its Obama-nominated former board member would serve as judge

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Led by the corporate-funded GALEO, activist, anti-English groups in Georgia are threatening a federal lawsuit against at least two Georgia counties if November ballots are not printed in a foreign language.

GALEO has been active in pushing for Spanish language ballots for at least two years and lobbies in the Georgia Capitol against English as Georgia’s official language. A 1996 law designates English as the state’s official language, but many government services are still provided in multiple foreign languages. The written exam for a Georgia drivers license is offered in eleven languages.

“No county in Georgia offers ballots or voting materials in a language other than English. But the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) and New York-based Latino Justice have asked Gwinnett and Hall counties to provide Spanish ballots, voter guides, poll workers and website information, citing a provision of the federal Voting Rights Act” reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A recently resigned GALEO board member and one-time treasurer and fund-raiser, Dax Lopez, 


has been nominated for a federal judgeship in Georgia. Neither of Georgia’s Republican senators have announced their decision on allowing the nomination to move forward.

The Atlanta NPR affiliate, WABE News reports

“The organization’s (GALEO) executive director, Jerry Gonzalez, has written to Gwinnett and Hall counties, both with large Spanish-speaking communities, asking that bilingual voting materials be provided.

“We have had to provide, at our own expense, language access to voters. However, it is the county’s responsibility to do that,” Gonzalez said.

His organization is pointing to a provision in the Voting Rights Act that guarantees bilingual voting materials for Puerto Ricans.

GALEO executive director, “Angry Jerry” Gonzalez

The AJC also reports that GALEO’s executive director has threatened a lawsuit if Hall and Gwinnett counties do not cede to the demands.

If GALEO and other groups pushing for foreign language ballots were to file a lawsuit against the Georgia county governments the case would go to the Northern District federal court where GALEO’s former board member Lopez has been nominated to serve as judge.

We cannot find Georgia media reports of this potential conflict.

Breitbart is covering the on the Lopez nomination controversy in Georgia….