January 8, 2016

UPDATED – Greg Williams on GALEO’s Dax Lopez

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UPDATE, January 13, 2016 at 11:20 

Re; the AJC’s Political Insider blog

Greg Williams’ post below has now become a topic on the AJC’s widely-read Political Insider blog. GALEO’s executive director and major-league, race-baiting hate monger, Jerry Gonzalez, has been allowed to create a distraction conversation on the battle over Lopez’s nomination to federal court with a whole-cloth-lie Twitter post accusing me (DAK) of having done an an “anti-sementic post.” It is clear that the Lopez advancement to committee hearing is in trouble and this is what happens when hater liberals like Angry Jerry start losing.

We hope you read William’s post carefully and decide for yourself if writing that he “respects other’s right of religious determination” while professing his own faith is “anti-sementic.” I don’t. We hope you will give consideration to the same on granting Greg’s request for a forum on which to express his objections to Dax Lopez becoming a federal judge.

For the record, I didn’t have any idea and have never given any thought to Lopez’s religious beliefs until I read Galloway’s September 2015 profile of Lopez in which he wrote “Wait — didn’t I mention that Dax Lopez is both Latino and Jewish?”

This was long after our on-going campaign to find a suitable, pro-enforcement federal judge nominee began and was covered, but, does Lopez’s ethnicity and his religion somehow qualify him for federal judge?

On today’s Daily Jolt, Galloway wags a finger at Williams – and from his wording, perhaps everyone who opposes Lopez for federal judge – with “Some opponents of Dax Lopez’ nomination to a U.S. District judgeship are straying close to a line that ought not be crossed.” Presumably because of Greg Williams’ remarks on my website.

The Political Insider goes on to inflame what for most people is a non-event with “All of this to say that opponents of his nomination to the federal bench have heretofore focused on Lopez’ association with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. Now they are drifting into an area that threatens to strip them of all credibility.”

Would that be Williams even obliquely referring to Lopez’s faith? Like Galloway did?

Tempest, meet tea pot. For the record (again): My own vehement objection to Dax Lopez is based solely on his obvious bad judgement in getting involved and supporting the agenda of the leftist GALEO Inc. that was formed by Sam Zamarripa and handed off to the despicable smear artist Jerry Gonzalez. GALEO is against enforcement of our immigration laws and more. Lopez sees no problem agreeing and helping that mission.

In the very educated opinion of this pro-enforcement American, Jerry Gonzalez is an unhinged slime-ball looking for traction on a way to direct the discussion away from Obama’s nomination of Dax Lopez for federal judge with the usual goop. We are surprised anybody went for it. Welcome to the inside of 21st century “politics.”

We are grateful for Galloway sharing the education on the letter Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren sent to Senator Isakson yesterday.

Posting this update and typing “Hate-group” Jerry-Gonzalez’s name has taken me 30 minutes that I will never get back, and has created the feeling that I need another shower…

Not because I feel the need to indulge anyone concerned, but to illustrate the vile absurdity of the smear from Jerry Gonzalez, I post the e-mail sent from here to Williams when I figured out what Angry Jerry was reaching for in his Twitter smear last night.



It took me awhile to figure out what this crazy POS meant, but I am now assuming he means your OPED on the DIS site from the other day.

My grandfather was Jewish. I am a Christian. I have no concern about anyone’s religion. I only send this to you as a heads up. It never occurred to me that they would try this with your OPED…

These people will stop at nothing and will smear anyone who gets in their way.



We are happy to post the below commentary from the well-known Georgia Young Republican and radio personality, Greg Williams. The added educational links are all ours.


The Obama Judicial appointment legacy includes two lifetime appointments of left leaning Supreme Court Justices ( Kagan and Sotomayor ). On the Attorney General specturm, former AG Eric ( Fast & Furious ) Holder and his AG successor Loretta “We gonna track your use of the 1st Amendment” Lynch have shown a propensity for biased and selective prosecutions focused on political vendettas while simultaneously stonewalling GOP efforts to investigate the Executive Branch and its myriad scandals. Based on this sordid Judicial history, it confounds me why anyone would knowingly contribute to the Obama legacy through support of his Federal Judge appointments.

“I question the strategy and logic from anyone with a vested interest in Georgia of approving an Obama appointed Federal Judge with a lifetime term during Obama’s last year. President Obama has demonstrated his lack of respect for the Constution and activist zeal with several missives, recently conveying legal status to 5 million illegal aliens, an Executive Order successfully challenged in Court. This specific Obama Judicial nominee, Judge Dax Lopez, has a palpable lack of experience on the bench and dubious activist alliances.

Of secondary concern, Judge Lopez experienced an undoubtedly transforming religious epiphany during his conversion to Judaism…I can’t claim any expertise in that arena as I’ve never questioned the role of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life but I do respect the right of others in their personal religious self-determination. Dax Lopez has already exhibited a propensity to reinvent oneself via religious convesion and I believe the populace is owed more data before assessing qualifications and competence. While there are nuanced questions about his role advocating for activist organizations, I will leave that for others to debate.

If Dax is truly qualified for federal judgeship, then I’m sure the next POTUS will articulate and explain the nomination and assuage the current negative sentiment against this lifetime appointment.”

Greg Williams