October 17, 2015

Letter to the editor published in Sunday’s AJC on the current media campaign to reward victims of borders with better treatment than real immigrants and Americans

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No in-state tuition for illegals

Re: the Oct. 12 AJC Get Schooled blog post, “Georgia has replaced Jim Crow with Juan Crow,” here’s useful knowledge in deciding who should pay in-state tuition at Georgia’s taxpayer-funded universities: Illegal aliens who have received Obama’s deferred action on deportation are still illegal aliens. The DHS website makes it clear: “Deferred action does not confer lawful status upon an individual.”

The shameful, misleading and race-baiting “immigration enforcement is Juan Crow, return to segregation” campaign to put illegals in finite USG classroom seats with a lower tuition rate than a legal immigrant or an American kid living in Chattanooga or Asheville really is “anti-immigrant” — and is un-American.

A 2010 poll commissioned by no less than the Georgia Newspaper Partnership showed that two-thirds of Georgians want to bar illegal aliens from attending public colleges altogether, even if they do pay out-of-state tuition.

It is true that Obama has intentionally muddied the language of immigration. This edition of the ridiculous incremental move toward “equal rights” for victims of borders can be ended quite quickly. All the Regents need do is to change the language of their regulations to read “lawful status.”