October 5, 2015

More Georgia state legislator’s signatures on letters of opposition to confirmation of GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge

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Good news for pro-enforcement Americans! More state legislators appeal to our U.S. senators: “NO! to Dax Lopez!”

More Republican Georgia state legislator’s added to the list of letter-writers urging Georgia’s U.S. Senators to take action to insure that anti-enforcement GALEO’s recently resigned board member, Dax Lopez, does not see confirmation as a federal judge.

We are informed that state senators, Marty Harbin, Steve Gooch, Rene Unterman, Mike Crane, Josh McKoon and Bill Heath were proud co-signers on the letter linked HERE by state Senator William Ligon. Note that several of them also sent different letters from their own offices as well.

State Rep Katie Dempsey tells me she sent letters of opposition to both U.S. senators, but “did not keep a copy” to forward here. And Rep. Clay Pirkle has explained to one of his constituents that he also sent letters against confirmation of Dax Lopez, but is unwilling to provide a copy for public posting. Representative Dustin Hightower also sent a letter, but did not reply to a request for a copy for public posting.

We are assured there are more letters being drafted.

Note: We are grateful to Insider Advantage Georgia for assuming credit for the work involved in organizing resistance to the Dax Lopez nomination and “collecting letters”…it is very educational – and memorable.