September 25, 2015

THE ILLEGAL ALIEN LOBBY – A beginners guide to GALEO #9: How active is GALEO in the anti-enforcement business? A snapshot from the GALEO website: “2010 has been a remarkable year. Here are a few highlights we can be proud of as an organization…”

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Each year, the GALEO anti-enforcement activists sends out a list of the “highlights” of their activism. Below are some taken from the GALEO end-of-year boast from December 2010

GALEO (partial) narrative of ‘accomplishments’ end of 2010 HERE

GALEO Newsletter
December 2, 2010
Dear Jerry,

“Thank you for your interest, support and dedication to GALEO & the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund. 2010 has certainly been a fantastic year and we are glad to continue to look forward to growing strength and engagement across the Latino community in Georgia.

* Please take a moment to support the DREAM Act! This federal legislation could impact 74,000 youth in Georgia alone, over 2 million nationwide. For additional information and action you can take, please call 1-866-996-5161 to reach your US Senators or call 1-866-967-6018 to reach your U.S. Representative. More information is posted here (courtesy of the White House).

* 2010 has been a remarkable year. Here are a few highlights we can be proud of as an organization:

*We started off 2010 with an aggressive Immigration Reform Week of Action from January 12-20, 2010.

*We continued our work and on March 20, 2010, we helped coordinate with GLAHR & ABLE a Georgia delegation of 22 buses and over 1,200 Georgians went to Washington D.C. March for America in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

* We had outstanding work with a successful 2010 Census outreach effort that brought together many organizations, groups and communities together. We can’t wait for the numbers to be out and then to work on redistricting efforts to ensure our community gets adequately represented.

* We held our annual 2010 Cesar Chavez Day at the State Capitol on March 31, 2010.

* We have led the voice for a rational and comprehensive immigration solution at the federal level while strongly opposing any state anti-immigrant initiatives, such as the infamous SB1070, the anti-immigrant law in Arizona.

*We are also strongly supporting efforts to pass the DREAM Act in the current lame duck session and we strongly opposed the Georgia Board of Regents blocking access to higher education.

*We helped Jessica Colotl obtain her immigration attorney, Charles Kuck, who is also a Board Member of GALEO.

* GALEO hosted U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) at the 7th Annual GALEO Power Reception on May 14, 2010.

* The GALEO Institute for Leadership continues to train and develop community leaders across the state and now has reached over 350 individuals. Graduation for our Fall 2010 classes will be this Saturday.

* GALEO continues to be a member of the U.S. Council of Latino Affairs, in partnership with the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute. Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO, recently presented at the 2010 Latino Education Summit in Washington DC to discuss issues with immigration enforcement in Georgia.

*The Sapelo Foundation, with support of GALEO, issued a report detailing some of the unintended consequences of immigration enforcement on Latino children and mothers in Georgia.

*GALEO partnered with AALAC and the LAA to host an important Town Hall Meeting “The Economics of an Arizona law: What would that mean to Georgia?” at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta on September 28, 2010. This was followed by the announcement of the Georgia Legislature’s Joint Legislative Committee on Immigration Reform.

Obviously, this is only a snapshot of what we did. We look forward to a successful 2011 and appreciate your support in 2010! Please do become engaged and support our efforts.”