September 24, 2015

THE ILLEGAL ALIEN LOBBY – A beginners guide to GALEO #7: Actively anti-enforcement and actively pro-amnesty

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GALEO, an activist, anti-enforcement corporation


From the GALEO website, just a few examples from 2014:

March 26: GALEO was a principle speaker at the Fast For Families bus tour stop in Atlanta. Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO, also fasted for 24 hours to support these efforts. Also, GALEO encouraged participation at the AALAC & 9 to 5 “Fast then Feast for Families to support Immigration Reform”.

March 29: GALEO conducted the “Lobby Training for Immigration Reform Day” in Lawrenceville, GA. Foreign language video HERE.

April 5: GALEO supported and had members participate with the “GLAHR: Walk with US” march in support of immigration reform.