September 17, 2015

THE ILLEGAL ALIEN LOBBY: A beginners guide to GALEO #5 Progressively and actively anti-enforcement

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From the GALEO website:

“In 2010, Jerry González, GALEO Executive Director and Trustee of the Sapelo Foundation, was instrumental in the publication of the research paper “Immigration Enforcement and its Impact on Latino Children in the State of Georgia.”

From the Sapelo Foundation website: “We promote progressive social change affecting vulnerable populations, rural communities, and the natural environment in the state of Georgia.”

The Sapelo Foundation study in question decries immigration enforcement on the premise that it is bad for “immigrant children” It was conducted by former Regional Counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Elise Shore.

Memorable 1998 on-air radio quote quote from a MALDEF founder, Mario Obledo?

 “California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.”

GALEO founder, Sam Zamarippa is a former Board member of MALDEF. GALEO Executive Director, Jerry Gonzalez, is a former policy analyst and lobbyist for MALDEF.

The report repeatedly laments the consequences of immigration enforcement at both the federal and state and local levels. The federal 287 (g) and Secure Communities program are major obstacles to the agenda outlined in the conclusions of the report. You can see the life-saving results of 287 (g) in Gwinnett and what GALEO is fighting in the name of “making communities safer” here.

The Sapelo Foundation report also recommends another legalization (“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”) – “for the children” (immigration laws should not be enforced if the illegal aliens have children.)

Cited in “resources”: Charles Kuck, Esq., “I have read the Arizona law and it still stinks,” June 15, 2010 blog entry, available at: “ Kuch, who also lobbied against local enforcement and Georgia’s 2011 illegal immigration legislation, HB 87, was vice-Chair of GALEO at the time (2007-2014) and is currently listed as a donor and former Board Member.

Quote from the Sapelo report: “As one advocate recently explained, “Children are internalizing the anti-immigrant sentiment” reflected in law enforcement’s over- zealous focus on immigration.[84]

It also recommends cooperation with the government of Mexico in interior U.S. enforcement. One Recommendation: “The various local, state and federal agencies involved in the child welfare and immigration enforcement system should institute a cooperative system of mandatory reporting that tracks information related to immigrant families. To the extent feasible, these agencies should collaborate with the Mexican Consulate and other Consulates to create accurate and comprehensive statistics related to immigrant families and children in the child welfare system.”