May 22, 2015

Letter to the editor, Macon Telegraph: Day of reckoning

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Day of reckoning

On Wednesday, Richard Powers asked how licenses are given to people who speak no English. It’s very simple. The Republican Party in Georgia, along with the Democrats, is doing the bidding of business interests in the state who want cheap third-world labor. They have to make it convenient for them to stay here and take jobs that employers refuse to hire Americans to do. Don’t let the paid spokespeople in the media fool you. It isn’t just menial farm jobs. It is in industries across the spectrum from construction to information technology. Driver’s licenses, welfare, unemployment, whatever it takes to keep the business interests happy and the cheap labor in Georgia, they will do it. They despise working class Americans like you and me.

The short term profits are far more important than building our own economy and taking care of our own people. So what if the immigrants increase the burden on our schools, hospitals, law enforcement, courts, prison system and public assistance? They don’t think that far ahead because they can’t see past their hatred of their fellow Americans and their disgust at the idea of paying an American a decent wage so he can support his family and be a productive citizen who, in the long run, will contribute far more to the economy than the cheap Third World labor they are bringing in. Their day of reckoning is coming and it can’t come soon enough.

— Mike Ganas


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