May 11, 2015

Georgia Republican Secretary of State and Attorney General support illegal alien lobby – attend GALEO fundraiser: GOP base silent

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From the event program

UPDATE: Quick math estimation shows GALEO brought in about $50,000 here, with the help of these corporations and elected officials.

Georgia Republican gubernatorial hopefuls donate to illegal alien lobby and lend prestige of their offices to goals and agenda by attending Friday’s GALEO fundraiser!

I hope you remember us informing you about a massive fundraiser breakfast gala the GALEO illegal alien lobby leftists had scheduled for last Friday, May 8.

GALEO, led by a Democrat fundraiser named Jerry Gonzalez boasted for weeks that Republican Governor Nathan Deal would attend and offer “welcoming remarks” at the gala.

This is one of several fundraisers that GALEO stages each year.

Whether because of our phone calls to the Governor’s office or some other reason, Deal cancelled at the last minute, which is evident from his name appearing on the program for the event. Maybe friend of GALEO Governor Deal can make the next one.


The Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens (R) and the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) did attend and donate to the anti-borders cause of the GALEO Obama-ites.

So did Republican Georgia state Rep BJ Pak.

To be clear: In addition to viciously fighting against voter ID and English as a state or federal official language, Jerry Gonzalez is a well-known far-left, race-baiter who fearlessly marches in the streets of Atlanta demanding an end to enforcement of our immigration laws. Their amnesty-again rallying cry is “not one more deportation.”

Known in the Georgia Capitol as “Angry Jerry” for his vitriolic outbursts at legislators in committee hearings and in the hallways, Jerry Gonzalez also compares illegal aliens to black Americans and the civil rights struggle.

Gonzalez is a former staffer at *MALDEF, whose founder’s, Mario Obledo most well-known quote from 1998 tells us about the goals of Jerry and his mob;

California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn’t like it they should leave — they ought to go back to Europe.” HERE.

Wanna-be-goon Gonzalez has chased 100 lb. Ga. Rep Katie Dempsey around a meeting focused on protecting American jobs in Rome, Ga. while screaming insults at her – before local police removed him. He is known for publicly denigrating Cobb County Police and the Cobb and Gwinnett sheriffs as anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic racists for doing their job and brought the leader of the Socialist Workers Party into Georgia to fight for drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

He must be rolling around laughing while he counts the tens of thousands of dollars made from his funder that gubernatorial hopefuls Republican Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp along with Rep B.J. Pak helped him raise by donating to his cause and attending Friday’s breakfast fundraiser.

This money will go a long way towards his anti-borders group in the fight for amnesty and against voter ID and training more radical Democrat community organizers.

Olens, Kemp and Pak can add their names to the list of “friends” GALEO boasts of that include that all-American luminary, Jane Fonda.

You may not be surprised to learn about the usual corporate suspects who have always financed the illegal alien lobby. Western Union, Coca Cola, Georgia Power, and Cox Communications were well represented in their financial help and sponsorship of the GALEO breakfast event.

An AJC reporter, Greg Bluestein, was there. But not as a reporter. From his name tag, it appears in an event photo he attended as a guest of one of the sponsors and GALEO board members.

Cox Communications owns and controls the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper and WSB-TV and WSB radio here in Atlanta. I pass this on in case there are some people still confused about the agenda-driven and biased immigration coverage that is peddled here lately.

*NOTEWORTHY FACT: The AJC served as the Chair of the Atlanta fundraiser for the previously mentioned MALDEF in 2004. We staged a protest outside the event, which was covered by CNN. But not the AJC.

There are plenty more corporations that fund the illegal alien lobby.

For a complete list of the individuals and corporations that sponsored the open borders tribalist event, see the “thank you” page from GALEO to sponsors HERE. NOTE: This list does not include the individuals who apparently paid donations to attend like Olens, Pak and Kemp.

If for no other reason to support and defend Rep. Katie Dempsey, you may want to contact the offices of Cox Communications, Attorney General Sam Olens, Secretary of State Brian Kemp and state Rep BJ Pak if you have any thoughts on their helping to fund the anti-voter ID, open borders leftists, led by Angry Jerry Gonzalez.

* Cox Communications:
Todd Smith
Director of Media Relations
(404) 269-3124

* Office of Attorney General Sam Olens (R)–
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334
(404) 656-3300
(404) 657-8733

* Office of Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R)–
2 MLK, Jr. Dr.
Suite 313, Floyd West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334-1530
(404) 656-2817
E-Mail (click)

* Office of state Rep B.J. Pak (R)–
• Capitol Address
• 601-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building
• Atlanta, GA 30334
404.656.0254 – Office

And, considering his willingness to attack defenseless female legislators and the shameless smearing he uses so often, you may want to ask tough guy Angry Jerry Gonzalez if he still beats his husband.