April 23, 2015

With more illegal aliens than Arizona, how is the courage, outrage level in Republican Georgia in 2015? We’ll see…

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Will the Georgia Republican base speak up?

In 2007, Georgia’s senior U.S. Senator, Saxby Chambliss, was loudly booed at the state Republican convention because of his perceived alliance with the donor/anything-for-a-buck business class on immigration and amnesty. Even the AJC reported on it! Now, eight years later, most Georgia Republican officials – federal and state – are allowed to stay silent as mice on the topic while Georgia’s Republican Governor, Nathan Deal, and GOP state legislature reward illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, state ID cards and unemployment benefits – and ignore Obama’s illegal amnesty. And the press runs “news” on illegal aliens as “victims.”

It will be very educational to see what happens at the Republican state convention in May.

I assume ‘Real Deal’ Deal is speaking? Anybody?…hello?