April 19, 2015

Letter to the editor today in the Cherokee Tribune from Karen Secandy:Senators need to stand up, be counted

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Senators need to stand up, be counted

April 18, 2015 10:07 PM


I attended the last day of the Georgia General Assembly supporting legislation to stop recipients of amnesties from receiving Georgia drivers’ licenses. Sen. Josh McKoon sponsored it, and explained if the vote were recorded it would probably pass, but he was having trouble obtaining one.

I thought all votes were recorded. I was wrong.

The Georgia Senate has a rule they use so that some of their votes are not recorded.

Called “Rise, Stand, and Be Counted,” it’s not a vote on the bill; it’s a vote on whether when they do vote on the bill, their votes will be recorded.

The senators raise their hands if they are in favor of having an electronically recorded vote that you and I can judge. It only takes six in favor to be recorded.

On the next to last day, the amendment came up, but couldn’t get the six votes needed for a recorded vote and it failed. I’m told that my senator, Brandon Beach, did not raise his hand for a recorded vote that day. He also would not help the original bill, SB6, by co-sponsoring it. So President Obama’s amnesties continue to aid illegal aliens in Georgia.

I also note not a single bill came from the Georgia House this session to deny these invaders Georgia drivers’ licenses. My house representative is Scot Turner.

Our “representatives” see the short-term advantages of obtaining the votes of those financially advantaged by illegal aliens. Meanwhile, our culture and our citizens’ employment opportunities and wages degrade, and illegal aliens continue playing us for saps.

Karen Sacandy


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