April 16, 2015

Tuesday letter to the editor from John Litland:Public should be outraged over driver’s licenses for illegals

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Public should be outraged over driver’s licenses for illegals
April 13, 2015


I read D.A. King’s very informative column Sunday with great interest and even more disgust. No matter what side of the illegal immigration crisis we are on, all of us should be outraged to the point of demanding and expediting change in the system if there currently is a way for state legislators to ever vote, on anything, by an unrecorded vote.

I see King reports on his website that all state senators from Cobb except Hunter Hill declined to support a recorded vote on whether Georgia will continue to issue drivers licenses to illegals. Thank you, Hunter Hill!

Unrecorded votes to give illegals a driver’s license is not “conservative.” But giving driver’s license to them is very helpful to the business owners who hire the “cheap labor” while millions of Americans go jobless.

The nauseating fact that there are ways to bypass accountability and transparency on any vote under the Gold Dome, and that we find out that all but one of our state senators from Cobb hide behind that tool should serve as a wakeup call to all Republican voters. I don’t think the Dems mind one bit.

Stated a different way, Republicans Judson Hill, Lindsey Tippins and Bruce Thompson voted with the Democrats to have a vote on driver’s licenses arranged so that we have no official record of how they voted. That nauseating scenario would have gone unnoted if not for D.A. King. Thank you, Mr. King!

Note to the Cobb GOP clubhouse: There is an election next year. And hope for change.

John Litland


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